6 Apr 2010

Thank You!

I just want to take the time out to say a HUGE thank you to the people that took the time out to say prayers and just generally find out how my friend is doing. A few days before her husband passed I remember putting something on Facebook in my status message about seriously losing my faith in humanity. Well the people whom this blog post is aimed at literally restored that faith in human kindness for me very quickly.

A while ago on Twitter someone posted saying that they’ve experienced more kindness from strangers than from people that they actually know. I’d honestly have to say that I’ve experienced this also. You don’t have to have met people to form a bond or some type of friendship. I’ve known people for over 10 years who have become and remained very good friends of mine till this day and never met or only met once so far in my lifetime.

My friend is doing extremely well, she’s very busy travelling, working, spending time with friends and family, preparing for the future and taking each day as it comes. I’ll always be concerned about her and will check in as often as I can, but I’m glad to know she has a great support system by the people that she knows not just here in London, but in Dallas, and Chicago.

Her husband was a wonderful man. I cannot and never will say a bad word about him, because I have none. He’s the type of man many a woman only wished she had in her life.

I am so thankful that Chris came into her life, and J into his. They really complimented each other beautifully. Imagine a woman living in London and this man did what he had to, to maintain a relationship with her from so far away and actually put the effort in. He came over here, met her family and friends numerous times, engaged her and she left for the US where they got married. I’ll always commend Chris for his efforts with J and actually working hard to get what he wanted in making J his wife and in building a life together. She knows she was extremely blessed and fortunate to have him in her life, even if for a short time. She said to me shortly after he passed

“I have high standards for myself, and I expect the same for my friends.”


She is right!

Ladies, please remember that. I need to check myself on that too. I need to have higher standards for myself when it comes to matters of the heart. I have a rule that when one relationship ends you find someone who is willing to give you exactly what you give to them…your ABSOLUTE best. Anything less do NOT deal with!!!

This is Mama LondonDiva talking now!!! Now go back and re-read that till it sticks. Until you feel it and you believe it!!!

I, which at one point I thought was unfortunate, now have FORTUNATELY learnt a VALID lesson. I broke my own rules and lowered my standards. Not intentionally [as you will come to find out] but let's just say my nail polish is chipped from scraping the bottom of the barrel. Never again will I do that! Set your standards. Set them high, and stick to them!

So before I go totally off track, just wanted to say once again THANK YOU on behalf of J, she has a wonderful support system and is doing very well. I am SO PROUD to have her as my friend. In everything she does she always inspires me. Seeing how she is coping and dealing with the loss of her husband gives me strength to get through any situation. Everything to me seems so minor compared to some of the things my friends have been through. Sometimes you may surprise yourself, you are a lot stronger than you actually think.

I know J is. I know I am. Are you?


  1. Glad to hear J is doing better. That post seriously affected me and I don't even know her

  2. Very glad to read this. I just recently lost my father in Feb and I know how much it hurts to lose someone. I also know the feeling of not being able to rely on those who you thought you could. I pray that she continues to keep her joy and for all you too who love her and him.

  3. Thank you Special K. I really appreciated you checking in with the kind words, prayers, thoughts everything.

    Mrs Denga, I'm really sorry to hear of your father's passing in February. How are you and the family doing?

  4. We are doing well. some of us better than others. Prayer works and we never get tired of them. Thank you for asking.


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