11 Apr 2010

Hollywood Actor Ed Norton Needs Your Help To Raise Funds For A Damn Truck!

I'm all for charity, I really am, but this one threw me a little when I saw the tweet show up on my timeline yesterday. I swear I had to check who it was from and the content 5 or 6 times. "Ed Norton LD? The Hollywood millionnaire actor LD?"

Hollywood actor Edward Norton sent out a tweet to his followers asking them to donate money towards a truck for the Maasai villagers. 

My first thought was, "you're a rich Hollywood actor. They need a truck, why don't you just buy it for them?" Now I wasn't saying the "why don't you buy it for them" as a "bitch please, screw you and the Maasai villagers." It was more like, "you're worth how much???? Many celebrities donate money of greater magnitude that goes unreported, and you can't help out your friend's cause in this instance?"

The estimated net worth of Edward Norton is around $50 million dollars, the money they need for the truck is $70,000. As a multi millionaire I'd be ashamed to ask. It's not like Haiti where hundreds of millions, if not billions are needed to rectify a lot of damage and require the endorsements of celebrities, telethons and TV appeals where the public NEED to get involved.

This fund-raiser is set up by a FRIEND of Edward's, he even gets a mention on the website in the first paragraph.

I'm sorry, I have a potential $50 million in the bank (which at a 5% interest rate makes a nice $2.5 million interest annually) and my friend is working his ass off getting this money together for a good cause??? I tell ya, I would not be able to sleep at night. I would not.

It's like a friend of mine coming to me saying, "LD I have no money and need £30 just to buy some groceries."  My friend needs my help, it's for a good cause and I have the money. By me giving it to her is not going to dent my bank account, and it wont be missed. Instead of me giving her the money, I go on Twitter and ask all my followers for a donation to help her out.

Do you see what I'm saying?

If Tyler Perry can buy HOMES for hurricane Katrina victims and build his own damn studio out of his own pocket, Edward Norton can buy the Maasai Villagers a truck AND help his friend out. I know if that was someone like Angelinca Jolie she wouldn't even ask anyone on Twitter. They would have that truck now and she'd probably build a gas station in their village too, to keep it going.

If they only have $19,195 so far, I wonder what Edward donated to the cause? In the tweet he specifically says 'our effort.' and states that it's a 'much needed truck.'

Well, with the effort of a bank transfer Mr Norton, they could of had it by now! 

If you want to read more about the cause and donate you can do so here.

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  1. I think I agree with you on this one. He can afford the truck. But I guess the main reason for tweeting it is to get more people giving to charity.


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