9 Apr 2010

Tiger Woods 'Voice Beyond The Grave' Nike Commercial

I don't like Tiger Woods. I think he's the epitome of scum.

I'm NOT impressed by the Nike commercial featuring the voice of his father Earl Woods from 'beyond the grave' SIMPLY for the reason that Nike are really trying to play the remainder of the public who didn't buy the 'sex addiction/rehab' stories.What better way to tug at the heart strings of overly emotional women by bringing his late father back from the grave. This commercial is probably geared more towards women who have lived vicariously through Elin during this whole treacherous ordeal, and aren't yet over the hurt and shame of the 16 women, or is it 15, that he's slept with? 

I will say this, it's an extremely well thought out and clever commercial. This was a huge scandal and Nike acknowledged it publicly, and dare I say it gracefully. Their marketing team did an excellent job with this one.

Tiger is extremely lucrative when it comes to endorsements and sponsorship deals. He's a walking bank account. Nike could probably afford to let him go, but they'd make more money keeping and endorsing Tiger. It's so much better for business all round to keep him on board making as many people rich as possible. I wouldn't be surprised if his big backers encouraged him to go the sex addiction and therapy route solely as damage control to gain public sympathy. Tiger Woods had to be held publicly accountable in some way and before anyone in the boardroom touched him again after his 'indiscretions' were brought to light. And what better way to do it than how it was done in the commercial below.

Tiger returned to golf this month after a 5 month 'break' at The 2010 Masters in Augusta. Every time I get a news tweet about a 'stroke' or a 'hole' pertaining to Tiger on the green I shudder.

A shame faced Tiger Woods stares into the camera listening to the words of his late father Earl Woods.
"Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive to promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. I wanna find out what your feelings are...and did you learn anything?"
Nike are playing this like a naughty boy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It comes across as though he's silently apologising to Nike for bringing them into disrepute. Before he's allowed back around the boardroom table to discuss business, he has to stand up to the world, and look us in the eye whilst his father asks him brief, yet challenging questions.

The whole world knew how close Tiger was to his father, and Nike probably thought this would garner much more sympathy from the viewing public. They whipped out their ''damage control' wild card. I gotta give it to Nike they did a great job. It will probably go down in commercial history.

The Nike logo that flashed at the end simply said to me;
"It's over. Earl has given Tiger a 'talking to' and he's stood here before you shamed faced baring his soul in silence. Whilst we at Nike are not happy with what Tiger has done in his personal life, we commend the efforts of Tiger to be held publicly accountable for his actions. Can we please just accept it now, move the hell on and get back to business." The Management.
Yep...I got all that from the Nike logo right at the end.


  1. I absolutely loved the advert! I mean I don't think he owes the public any explanation at all but absolutely adored the angle that Nike took.

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  3. This ad right here...oooh I bow to the copywriters behind this..but does it change what I thought when I saw it..nope!I thought another load of bull from Eldrick Tont Wood's camp because its all about the $$$$s!! Eldrick doesn't owe the public an explanation yes indeedy BUT the public DO MATTER which is why all this rubbish is being spurned out on us!For if Eldrick was to say Fcuk I can do whatever I want and like and not even say anything, carry on living is life with his many mistresses without addressing the public TRUST he'd have gone down...buying power matters, if it didnt the copy writers wouldnt go to such lengths!
    So as much as I applaud the thought process and creativity of the ad - the message it sends doesn't go down very well with me!


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