9 Apr 2010

Ladies THEY'RE BACK! Sex and The City 2 [Extended Trailer]


My three favourite middle aged fashionistas in all of their Manhattan glory are back. Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha Jones. So fly I give her a double name mention!

In this long awaited sequel, to the long awaited first movie, in which we waited four long years for, two long years have passed and the girls have adopted a talking Afghan Hound pet dog. It even gets in on the fashion, travels and romance. 

You know worldwide the cinemas are going to be RAM PACKED with women and gay men everywhere. I plan on seeing it more than once at the movies. I don't care if it is awful...it won't be! I just know it won't.

Just how fabulous did Samantha look in her red Lady Gagaish shoulder spiked dress?

Why are folks SO MAD that Miley Cyrus has a cameo in the movie? It's called a cameo idiots, she's not headling in the movie. Cool your breeze and be grateful it's not Geri Halliwell again!! Both Kim Catrall and Samantha Jones as two separate entities were mortified by that so-called 'acting.'

Is it me or did the trailer look like they could squeeze in enough material for a 3rd, and dare I sadly say it final instalment?

Watch a ton of women save their shekels in order to head to Abu Dhabi after this movie hits theatres. Let's hope you got Samantha's money for a suite like that.

**Cue Trailer....and ACTION!**


  1. Lol @ your 3 fave women...clearly know who's not your fave!!
    I can't wait for movie but knowing myself, I'll wait for the dvd copy because thanks to FB and Twitter I'll know all about the movie whether I want to or not!
    I loved Aidan of all her 'who isn't your fave''s boyfriends!!

  2. Absolutely can't wait!

    Just like with the first Sex & The City movie I know I will be seeing this more than once at the cinema AND will prob buy the DVD when its released too.

    So-ooo excited about the Aidan storyline!


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