16 Apr 2010

Want Better Black Programming From The BBC? Then Let's Start Here!

Myself and Shona Vixen have joined forces and started a campaign called "We Demand a Better Balance For Black Programming On The BBC!"

All we ask is for your support.

Let me be...and keep it real.

A lot of you will have no problem on Twitter re-tweeting crap videos, links to blogs, competitions, give-aways, contributing to dumb ass trending topics with a quickness, and commenting it on it for 3 tweets in a row. I myself am one of those people too. Some of the same people moan and complain that there isn't good enough representation on televison for Black people. I too have been one of those people!

I am T.I.R.E.D. of hearing my own damn echo, getting mad, sitting down and doing nothing! So we are NOW going to TRY and do something about it, but we need your help.

In a nutshell the BBC needs to up it's game when it come to Black programming. It's the same thing, poverty, rape, destitution, crime, big bellies, famines, AIDS, malaria n flies. And just when you thought we'd seen it all. Black folks living amongst a rubbish dump.



We are NOT saying this type of programming needs to stop. Awareness is vital and necessary. What we are asking for is simply a balance. Show the good and positive sides of life in Africa and the BBC.

We have started a Facebook campaign, and a petition to the BBC will be created over the next few days. [We want to get the wording on it JUST RIGHT] so won't put it out there just yet.

All we are asking for is 2 things [that's if you believe in it] simply join the group on Facebook and when the petition is up online and running SIGN it.

OK one more thing...spread the word please, RT on Twitter put it in your FB status. E-mail it to your friends and family. The same way you can RT that damn Lady Gaga video or Whitney attempting to sing, we ask you to do the same of this.

We really want this to go somewhere and with a collective effort and the awesome power in numbers hopefully they will sit up and take notice.

I don't care if you live in Timbuktu, Botswana or the Outer Hebrides. Support n Sign!

Whether you're black, white, red, blue, green or yellow I don't care. You maybe a white mother to a mixed race child who is equally concerned about the constant negative depictions about Africa. This isn't just for Black people to sign. If you enjoy Black programming and want a better balance from the BBC then this is also for you. Remember the BBC airs documentaries GLOBALLY. It's not just a 'UK thing!'

It has to start somewhere folks. We want it to be one of those Facebook groups that just from the amount of members alone it gains press coverage, but we will be doing that anyway. We have the contacts for newspapers like The Guardian, Observer, The Independent, The Voice, Pride and Ninety Nine magazines here in the UK. We will be also contacting Nigerian publications as well to make them aware of the campaign, as this all started because of the 'Welcome To Lagos' three part documentary.

Support Us HERE

Please and Thank You
LondonDiva and Shona Vixen

Images from "Welcome To Lagos"


  1. Thanks for doing this!

    I Joined the facbook group this morning. Kookie sent me the link.

    I'll be RT on twitter when I'm on and I'll share it on facebook.

    need any help. Holla at me on my email.


  2. I'm behind this and great initiative too. See you on FB.


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