15 Apr 2010

Gross! I Think You're Smellin' Yourself A Lil Too Much Lance!

These types of photos don't do a damn thing for me really. For some of you it may just brighten up your day. A newly single Lance Gross who recently split from America's Next Top Model winner Eva Pigford tweeted a semi-nude body pic for you ladies.....next to a toilet!

Anyone else tired of men [regular dudes & celebrities] taking pics of themselves in the damn bathroom like this? It's just old and boring to me now.


  1. Even though he looks good, I was wondering about the reason behind this photo. It;s sad...really it is.

  2. Nice abs and pecs but why with the toilet bowl showing? I guess some of his followes don't care, smh.

  3. Lance Gross- #c'monson!SMH!! I unfollowed his behind when him and Eva were trying to 'convince' us that it was all good...


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