18 Apr 2010

We Demand! Support Us and Vocal Slender From 'Welcome To Lagos'

As I type this on the 3rd day the supporter count stands at 249. Thank You! 

But we need more!

You DON'T have to be Black and you don't have to be British to support this. 

The BBC show it's programmes around the world, so this is not just a UK thing. 

  1. Join and support the Facebook Campaign http://www.facebook.com/WeDemand
  2. Buy Vocal Slender's music on iTunes and support his Myspace page.
  3. Link our campaign to your Blog or your Facebook Status.
  4. Re-Tweet on Twitter [and if you can fit it in] add #wedemand to your tweet.

Vocal Slender works and lives on a rubbish dump in Lagos, Nigeria. He sorted through rubbish to sell to raise money for the studio time and to get pictures taken for his album. If that isn't a hard-working and determined brotha, then I don't know what is.

His track 'Owo Yapa' was featured in the BBC2 documentary 'Welcome To Lagos.' I heard through the Twitter grapevine that the BBC put his MySpace page together. Whether that is true or not I do not know. What I do know is after watching 'Welcome To Lagos' I wanted to buy Vocal Slender's track and the BBC didn't even put anything at the end of the programme to tell the viewers where we could buy it to support Vocal Slender. Don't even make me turn into a conspiracy theorist. So what, it's OK to show these people down and out, but have the means for the British public to help them and they can't even tell us how? You see how they stay? It's word of mouth tha

His music is available on iTunes and he has a MySpace page set up. It says he's currently unsigned, but something tells me he will be signed pretty soon.

Our campaign is NOT to get programmes like 'Welcome To Lagos' banned, we UNDERSTAND the importance of telling a variety of stories where it comes to the depiction of black people and Africa as a continent. We are demanding a balance of programmes to be shown where it comes to Africa as a people.

I love this tune...and as I type it's downloading on iTunes.


    1. Hi, just wanted to ask where you get your ensureplus from? Also is it liquid or powder form. Thanks

    2. vocal slender, get signed remember that you are an artist, let people see you for ur songs not the bbc.londoners won't buy ur songs, they are only humouring you. Nigerians will buy your songs, try and get signed

    3. @Anonymous, stop the foolish talk. VS has already come to London to perform from time ago after the show was aired, and people here (myself included) have bought his music to support him. BOUGHT not stolen for free off the Internet!


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