7 May 2010

New Google Layout??

I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but no like Facebook having to touch things that aren't broken Google went and changed up it's layout.

After noticing a few people in my Twitter time line asking the say question about Google's search results page in a state of confusion it seems we aren't confused after all.

I personally DON'T LIKE IT!

"The reality is that they're the last of the major search engines to implement this kind of design," said Danny Sullivan, of Search Engine Land. "This is the new look of search going forward - with this left-hand panel."

Who seriously gives a flying 4 X about  left-hand panel???


  1. I was mad! sooo pissed that they changed it. I absolutely hate it and don't even want to google stuff anymore. What was so wrong with the old layout???!!
    Sorry I'm still angry lol

  2. I noticed it too, but really don't mind it! Maybe it's because the phrase 'left hand nav' is bandied around so much at work I've given up the struggle.

    Like Facebook, Google feel the need to fix things that aren't broke - but working in web has taught me that what looks fresh now can look distinctly 'Best Website of 2001' a couple years down the line.

  3. "Eh heh" As my Mummy would say. I thought it was just me. That layout is messed up. At first I thought it was Firefox playing tricks on me but subsequent views on IE, Opera and Safari browsers, have shown that it is the real deal. I agree if aint broke, then don't try and fix it. I will be sending irate tweets to @google now. SMH!

  4. Funny that you wrote about this. I noticed the same this morning and wondered if I had remembered correctly. Oh well, I guess it's just one more thing similar to the new YouTube layout that will require some getting used to.

  5. LMAO at folks who thought it was their browser acting up. The amount of times I closed Google Chrome I thought I had hit a F key and reconfigured my layout or something. The followed the random tweets "what up with my google page?" People were thrown for a loop.

    The same thing happened with me and the You Tube site as well @Don. I'm slowly gettin used to that!


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