7 May 2010

You Tube Reality TV Reviews. Really???

I cannot believe there are people in their hundred and thousands sitting at home on You Tube looking at people sitting in their homes which they couldn't even clean up and look presentable in, giving us a 10 minute review on an episode of a reality TV show. Give a mutha a camera, a computer and a damn cable to upload a video on the internet and they think they are a damn celebrity.

The truth is some of you aren't even funny or amusing. This is a huge trend with blogs too I've noticed. I only pay attention if you have something relevant to say like ihustlenation [on You Tube] who can sometimes get it really wrong or really on point. I'll also pay attention if you can show me a new hairstyle or teach me how to apply some make-up TO A PRETTY FACE! If you look like Whoopi chances are I cannot be a subscriber in your aim to help me look good. More LondonDiva truth is I'd rather read what you have to say than look at you. Some folks have faces to be a blogger, the same way some folks have a face for radio. Ya feel me???

I had a rant about this very same thing on Twitter yesterday about the TV reviews on You Tube. I go onto You Tube looking for a reality TV show to watch. Type it in and BAM up come a ton of unkempt, ashy looking, hair needs doing folks wailing on for about 10 minutes what they thought of last night's show.

I don't have that much time in my life to sit there and watch you talk about something I've just watched, and in all honesty WHO DOES THIS???

I couldn't even make it to 2 minutes with this dude's video. It took all of the the strength possessed in me NOT to click on a video just to see what in the hell they were talking about. And please somebody tell me what ol' boy was doing at the 1:20 mark?

I just want to waste certain parts of my life watching a reality TV show in peace. I'd rather move on and watch the next episode than to sit there watching these fools think they are some kind of celebrity talking all kinds of crazy.

You can tell there are some people out there that really do think they are some kind of new age pseudo celebrity in 2010 since You Tube became relevant. Followers on Twitter, fans of your blog, subscribers on You Tube and 'friends' on Facebook do not make you famous. It may happen for the small minority, but chances are you are a part of the bigger majority that it doesn't happen to.

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  1. rotfl!!!! I cannot entertain the thought of people actually watching this video.


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