22 May 2010

RED CARPET: Janet & Tyler 'Why Did I Get Married" UK Screening

Well I'm home and hungry after attending the UK screening of Why Did I Get Married Too at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton. This is my 2nd time seeing the movie [no not on bootleg - that's not my style] I caught it at the movies in Chicago last month.

I was told that Janet would be introducing the movie and there would be a QandA session afterwards with them both. That didn't quite happen.

Here's a run of tonight's events:

  • We were allowed to enter the screen [which seats 345] at approximately 7pm. Myself, family and friends opted for the 2nd row from the front. I arrived early. I was 2nd in the queue. My best friends mother arrived before me.
  • The introduction of the movie was due to start at 7:30pm. It didn't, and was late. Whether that was due to Janet and Tyler arriving late or running overtime with red carpet press and pictures I don't know.
  • We were told that upon entering Screen 1 we would not be allowed to leave to go to the bathroom once we had taken our seats. "Ummmmm excuse me little white lady, say that again to over 300 black folks about what they can and can't do? Oh I thought so. You were talking out of your neck" I got my seat. Secured it with my bag. Had my mother watch it, whilst I left and came right back in again, as were plenty of other people.
  • I wasn't clock watching, so it was hard to say when Tyler and Janet finally arrived.
  • Some big shot from Lionsgate in the UK introduced Tyler Perry and threw in a staggering statistic that his movies had grossed half a billion dollars. GET IT T.P.!!! That's what I'm talking about!
  • Tyler takes to the stage following a standing ovation and loud cheers and applause and he goes into the 'Madea' mode with the voice telling us to "Siddown" as the people couldn't see. He did this a couple of times. I must admit as a Madea fan it was surreal hearing 'the voice' even is for only a second.
  • Tyler mentioned that WDIGM2 would be coming to the UK in September 2010 and there will also be 4 DVD releases of his movies in the UK.
  • He thanked Will Smith [he was NOT present] for inviting him to London during the premiere of Seven Pounds, and for letting him know in a nutshell he had to get on the case, bring his movies in the UK, and that there is a whole lot of support for his films outside of the US.
  • Tyler asked us if we would like to have the plays brought to the UK. The crowd cheered. He also said if he brings the plays to the UK then we have to come out and see it. More cheers from the crowd.
  • Tyler then proceeds to introduce Janet Jackson, as he described an "International Superstar" to the stage. She is escorted by a few security men and the crowd started chanting "JANET, JANET, JANET!" after Tyler starts the chant. Janet looking humbled and slightly embarrassed was like "no don't do that" She seemed very shy. 
  • OH MY GOSH that woman was a vision. An absolute vision. You think Halle is all this and that folks. STOP IT. No pictures not even the ones on this blog give that woman justice let me tell you. She was ON POINT from the new hairstyle to the shoes. 
  • Yes my black ass did get a lil ghetto with it and shout out "JANET YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL" She looked over in my direction and smiled. 
  • Janet spoke very softly and quietly and thanked us for all of the love and the support.
  • That was pretty much it. Like a gentleman Tyler helped escort Miss Jackson down the steps and the movie began.
  • Unfortunately there was no QandA after the movie. But oh well even if for a few minutes we got to be in the presence of Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson, it was so worth it.

I took a few pictures. I won't be posting them for a few days as I have a pretty hectic day tomorrow, so Sunday it's looking to be.

Enjoy the pics watermarks n all. Monday it's Chris Rock with Good Hair which I haven't seen yet. I'm seated in A10, yes front row biatches. THIS TIME I hope a QandA will be happening with Chris Rock and not just an introduction made. We'll see though. 





  1. Janet Jackson = ON POINT!!! Love that short hair look on her...FAB!! And am so excited that there gets to be DVD releases for Tyler Perry movies!!
    If we went to watch Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, why not a Tyler Perry play??can't wait!
    LOL@'siddown' in Madea voice!!

  2. JJ looked A-MAY-ZING. I've seen her in concert twice before but tonight was the closest I've ever been to her and I can honestly say everything about her looked absolutely stunning. When the Lionsgate CEO was reeling off the stats about Tyler, I couldn't help but feel proud. And even more so when he said that we were the first ever British audience to see a Tyler Perry production on the big screen - thats BIG! The movie itself, I enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect but I enjoyed it a lot and I think having the audience there along for the ride made all the difference too. I couldn't stop laughing at how HUNGRY the women in the audience were, the 'ooohing' and 'aaahing' at the topless/jetski scene, jokes!

    Thoroughly enjoyable evening, looking forward to Chris Rock on Monday. PS - Was lovely meeting you!

  3. I know you said that the pictures don't do her justice BUT she looks stunning in the photo's so I can only imagine how she looked in person.

    I like your style girl,on time, in front, booked and ready to go. If there were Q & A you were in a prime location! I hope Chris Rock does a Q & A session on Monday. Good luck and have fun!

  4. It's 1:20am out here and I know I just woke SOMEBODY up with my belly laugh reading this. Fab breakdown, I felt as if I were there.

    Damn, those pics of her hair on the Daily Mail site yest had her looking like a mess, but I should have known JJ would pull it out of the bag. Her hair is ON POINT!! Not a fan of the bra on show, but I'll let it slide..it's Janet! Better it be her bra than her nipple again eh? LOL

    Can't wait to read your Good Hair write up!

  5. Thanks for reading and leaving comments guys.

    @VexintheCity I think the bra on show like that, may have had something to do with the flash. I don't remember her top being that see through in the cinema. Janet was having a chilled no heat hair day the day the Daily Mail decided to go all out about her hair.

    @ShonaVixen Just this month TP finished doing a nationwide tour in the US. I know he has more movies planned for release, and with that and the TV shows etc he's hella busy. I really hope he makes it happen. Something tells me he just might. And you know I'll be there. On opening night hopefully!

    @nadinestewart76 yes Janet looked STUNNING. The pics of her on the red carpet did her no damn justice. I feel you on the whole pride thing when the CEO was reeling off statistics about Tyler Perry. It amazing what he has achieved and continues to do. Makes me wish Spike Lee would stop talking out of his damn neck and focus on trying to become somewhat relevant again.

    @Kookie girl you know how HUGE a TP fan I am. These seats were not allocated so did my best to make sure I got a good spot! No the pics didn't do her justice. She was like a friggin human airbrushed photograph. It's a shame the Halle Hype overlooks so many other beautiful black women we have in the public eye. A damn shame.

  6. 人人都可以成為自己生命的建築師,只要有心,人人都是食神 哈哈 ....................................................

  7. Yes she looked gorgeus!! Tyler is very handsome as well. I felt like a little groupie as well when I was on the Red Carpet taking pics of Tyler, sadly mine did not come out as well as yours. I do find it funny that the Ritzy people were trying to dish out orders to the customers about when they could go toilet. I guess they must have realised that was not happening because when I went in it was like a market and people were going in and out of the place when they wanted. Even the security guards gave up telling people to take their seats as no one took any notice. It was a really great night and I had a fabulous time.


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