6 May 2010

The Sistas Dating This Man Need To Come Forward!

You know how it goes on You Tube. Watching one thing and then bam you are 12,875 subject matters away from what you started viewing in the first place???? Well today it wasn't like that. I was actually watching some videos on interracial dating. I like to do stuff like this from time to time and hear the opinions of other people on different subject matters.

Anyway forget all that...I came across this video of a white man doing a You Tube video of why he prefers to date Black women.

Let me just say this I'm not of these black women that get all happy like Ren and Stimpy because men of other races find us attractive, nor do I see the point in validating your reason for dating outside your race either with a You Tube video...but here's one of them.

My question is this.


If you've dated him, or know a sistah that has, hit me up via e-mail.

You Tube comments are the best logitech160 left the following "No race prefer you dude." I cannot front, what logitech160 said was exactly on my mind.

Black women do you know of any women in your circle who would date him? Channing Tatum, Paul Walker, Brad Pitt [minus the homeless look] yes I can see that, but ol' dude up in the video???


  1. He LIKES doesn't mean he GETS lol

  2. Haha!

    Which black woman would agree to be seen in public with this guy? Sorry, but the best personality in the world can't make up for the fact that dude is hard fi look pon.

  3. @ChinaBlue I feel you. This is why I'd like for these women dating this man to come forward. I think black women would want to remain within the 42% of being single than date this dude. Yes he is very hard fi look pon!!!

    I think he's lying. He sounds bitter at white women who probably went on one date and didn't call him again. He may like black women but as far as dating em. **go back and look at that cat gif with the shocked face**


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