7 May 2010

Do You Love The Way She Rides It?

You know I usually have a lot to say. Today is NOT one of those days. I'm gonna need Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Bill Cosby to form an intervention of some sort. I don't want to hear anyone talking any mess about big girls and them having confidence. Having confidence doesn't come with being a big girl, there are some big people like Mo Freaka who are just delusional. I really hope this sista is a comedienne. I really do!

Click here to witness the destruction that continues to go on in our community.

Can Obama pass some kind of bill that makes this kind of thing illegal?

1 comment:

  1. We're gonna need a few sistas to handle this intervention. Jesse and the fellas might get caught up in the whole "look-at-my-sexy self-kinda-sorta-staring-into-the-camera-while-I-work-it" performance.


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