13 May 2010

Want To See Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson in Brixton???

If it wasn't for @iamnads [THANK YOU GIRL] on Twitter and me deciding to actually read the last 7 hours worth of tweets on my Blackberry at 3am, I would have missed the news that Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson are going to be in Brixton at the Ritzy cinema doing a ONE OFF London screening of Why Did I Get Married Too. I got to see the movie in Chicago, but that is not stopping me from seeing it again.

Old school faithful blog readers will know I am a HUGE Tyler Perry fan. HUGE! If you don't believe me, just see what I've written about him here in the past on my blog. I admire that man for what he has achieved and continues to do, I find him downright inspirational with sugar on top! Look at that, a man hitting the Forbes rich list and making more that Tom Cruise, Bon Jovi and Jennifer Aniston in one year COMBINED and STILL can come to Brixton to introduce his own damn movie. Little old Brixton for a man who is now a member of the Academy and hob nobs with serious black Hollywood royalty in the US. If that's not humble I don't know what is.

I can honestly admit that TP is one of the 5 famous people that I would love to have around my dinner table and actually meet. Well not sure about the dinner or the meeting, but being in the same room as him and Janet....speechless. I'll be bringing ALL of my TP DVD's and my marker pen just incase I can get him to sign something.

You can book tickets for May 21st on-line here [£10.50 Adults]

One website had stated it was a QandA session post movie with Tyler Perry and on the Ritzy website it says the following:

"We're thrilled to welcome revolutionary filmmaker Tyler Perry and international icon Janet Jackson to introduce this special one-off screening."

I don't care as long as I'm in the same room as Janet and Tyler breathing the same air. 

Janet Jackson, well that woman is a living legend. I love, love, love Janet. And without spoiling the movie she acted the hell out of her role in this one. Filming stopped for a brief period during the making of this movie, due to Janet losing her brother Michael. You can REALLY tell from her performance, she used what she was going through at the time and channeled those feelings and raw emotion into her role. I really hope there is a QandA session after the film because there is one question regarding this movie I'd really like to know.

It starts at 8pm I'll be there early. This is one time I do NOT want to be in the back of the cinema.
If any of my blog readers are going hit me up via e-mail [top right], would love to see you, smile, wave, say hi...you catch my drift!

I got my ticket! Get yours!

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  1. Aww man!!!

    That's what I get for not reading blogs for ages, it's completely sold out now. Have fun!


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