5 May 2010

Word On The Tweet!

@kevkevv Kick Ass & Stardust director Matthew Vaughn is confirmed to direct X-Men: First Class.. comes out June 3rd 2011. The film will be epic now!

@NecoleBitchie Drake says he likes to study behavior patterns in women #ladiesdontfallforit

@ricky_martin Children are not born with prejudice, they learn it. Don't poison them with yours #stoprejudice

@TheEllenShow This adorable 5 year old boy singing Train is too cute not to share with y’all. http://su.pr/1TmO0g

@madnewsblog RT @XianLoves: PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA BNP British Nigerian Party http://www.facebook.com/BritishNigerianParty Almost as good as the #LibManDem

@fabsnetwork www.fabsnetwork.com the best social and business networking site in the world!!! #Thenextbigthing Are you on it??? RT RT RT

@iHateKatStacks HAHAHAHA Kat Stacks is in the Urban Dictionary http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kat+stacks

@iHateKatStacks WHo wants me to post @BowWow story ?

@BowWow It was an honor to be in the presence of Wes Craven. I pray something good happens. #fingerscrossed

@MariahCarey Ok..I am VERY happy w/this new song me,@LTLline and BCox r writing right now..yaaaay! Possible Ustream tonite..keep U posted! LYM: )

@MariahCarey So last night's wedding vow renewal and small party was a SG..too many cameras(from close and far!)but it was beautiful. NC is the best: )

@LanceGross Huge smile on my face! That worked out great. #random

@derekaterry Glad that Pamela Anderson was kicked off of #dwts. #imjustsaying

@iHateKatStacks Wow is this nigga threating me to send TMZ a video of me giving head ? WRONG MOVE

@iHateKatStacks You have no tape of me shut the fuck up

@cnnbrk Pablo Picasso painting fetched $106.5 million at auction, a record for any single work of art http://on.cnn.com/dkfFkZ

@LanceGross DC come party with me this Saturday @ Station 9: http://twitpic.com/1l0mhd : Buy Your Tix Now: http://tiny.cc/lancegross

@delightfuldiva "Black people are the only people in the world that can fu$k up a Surprise party" - Gina Yashere @lyneka @feezy9 @EGdaGod @bennsu

@iHateKatStacks Check out @BowWow Part 2 http://katstacks.com/?page_id=579

@studiopixie RT @angelonfire Instead of going to bed tonight thinking about all your troubles. Try going to bed thinking about all your blessings.

@Mia_queen24 @BowWow wow i knew u were gay, i can see it in ur eyes @ihatekatstacks has exposed u. faggot i lost respect for u, not buyin ur music again

@derekaterry This show is crazy!!!!! #GLEE

@StarStatus561 Wow @Ihatekatstacks just exposed @Bowwow sooooo bad. Go to katstacks.com and read bowwow part 2. Wow! She a bold bitch!

@StarLITpr Starting young aint they? http://twitpic.com/1l38m8

@MariahCarey New pic of MC in the studio with JD and Bryan-Michael Cox working on some new music for a new Mariah album! (MC.co http://twitpic.com/1l3q72

@NickCannon At Time's 100 most influential people in the world dinner. Nice people but I miss my wife!


  1. I love how Nick Cannon is not afraid to show PDAs. and the "i miss my wife". Too cute. I wish them both endless years of happiness

  2. How cute was that little boy singing? Knew every single damn word of the song! Hope he knows his school work like that. *side-eye*


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