5 May 2010

RED CARPET: Met Gala 2010

Pictures courtesy of Mr Jay Manuel via Twiptpic on Twitter @MrJayManuel, Getty Images and AP.

The Two Evas
Eva Longoria in Marchesa, another dress of hers that has to have a damn train on it.
Eva Mendes in Dolce and Gabanna

Hot Messes
Whoopi should have whooped Andre Leon Talley's ass for this satin bathrobe looking mess. We know Whoopi has no style, but she doesn't look bad for someone who doesn't possess any.
Anna Wintour. This woman doesn't look good in anything. A walking corpse of a witch.
Margherita Missoni. What is that, a skirt and an apron? 
Tina Fey who I guess couldn't be bothered! This woman is just so boring to me!
Sienna Miller in Emilio Pucci, the woman whose hair has never seen a good day, seen on the arm of a man whose hairline looks to have miraculously reappeared. 
Bar Refaeli (model and on/off squeeze of Leonardo DiCaprio) looking like she's headed straight for the Bar.
Oh Lord have mercy Kate Bosworth!! Is that netting with glitter swirls on it. Looking hideous in Michael Kors!
Jessica Biel is not killing it with that dress. It's all sorts of....just all wrong! Your man looks better than you sweets!
Alexa Chung HELL TO THE MUTHAEFFIN NO!!! Phillip Lim needs a bitch slap for that mess!

A Lil' Off But I Like It
Chloe Sevigny has always been off/quirky/original when it comes to her sense of style. I actually like this dress on her. 
Giselle Bundchen hits the red carpet in a woven leather dress. Staying away from the glam gowns and going edgy n sexy in Alexander Wang, I like it.
Blake Lively is working this ruffle one-shoulder blue mini Marchesa dress. Love it! Not sure about the shoes though Blake.
Kirsten 'I'm very awkward on purpose' Stewart, once again looks hella awkward on the red carpet. Love this Chanel dress, just not on her. Looks like something Rihanna could easily pull off.

Beautiful/All Right/OK/Predictable/Yawn/Whatever
Well done to Anne Hathaway for looking not so hungry this season. She does the princess look well. This beautiful Valentino gown doesn't have her looking too pale like she has done in many red carpet photos in the past.
Diane Kruger goes for a clean, figure hugging, floor length gown that she does great justice to. Sometimes less is more and Diane manages to pull this off extremely well with elegance and grace.
Jennifer Lopez looks stunning in this Zuhair Murad gown.
Oprah "I'm richer than all you bitches" Winfrey looks beautiful in an Oscar De La Renta creation. No that's not Steadman or her new boo folks. That's Mr De La Renta himself.
I am not a fan of Zoe "Jada Pinkett look-a-like, with a harder face" Saldana, although she is growing on me. Being a huge movie fan of well...um...movies, it's hard to see a new flick without Ms Saldana popping up in one. She looked elegant in this Calvin Klein design.
Kerry "trout pout" Washington looked aiight in a read dress. Don't know the designer, and didn't care enough to go and do my research. 
Kate Hudson showed off her new small boobs in a boring Stella McCartney dress.
I give you 3 guesses who Renee was wearing??? Carolina bloody Herrera. If you know what the stars are usually wearing, then you know Renee practically lives in this woman's gowns. Switch it up Renee, I'm beginning to think you're her only client.
Sarah Jessica Parker in Halson Vintage. Nice to see her taking a break from Oscar De La Renta for a while.
Thandie Newton reppin for the UK in Vivienne Westwood. She always looks so fresh faced. An effortless Zimbabwean/British beauty. 
The blah factor, Brooke Shields and Demi Moore in Michael Kors.
Gwen Stefani in her own L.A.M.B. creation. Jessica Alba in Sophie Thealett for GAP.

Kristen and Kristin
Kristen Bell (the chick from Heroes who had the 'electricity ability') in Diane Von Furstenberg.
Kristin Davis in a trailing black gown looking mighty awkward in the neck area with that pose.
Marion Cotillard and Naomi Campbell in Christian Dior. 
Naomi's weave is looking good, considering the hairline that's underneath that.
Is it me or does it look like Taylor Swift re-cycles the same damn dress and hairstyle every time she's on the red carpet or at an awards event??? Anyway she's in Ralph Lauren.
Since Nicole Ritchie, dropped Paris Hilton, became a mother of two she's been looking hotter and hotter. I'm having to double take at pictures of Nicole now as she is looking stunningly beautiful with the wavy brunette locks and long silver Marc Jacobs gown. I'll be paying close attention to Nicole, I've been very impressed by her lately.


  1. They all look so good, nice of you to share. Diane Kruger stands out for the high necked gown


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