29 Jun 2010

An Homage To...Stewie Griffin

One of my favourite TV shows and Stewie Griffin will forever be my favourite character followed closely by Brian. I'm not so much of a Peter fan. He's just so stupid I don't even find him funny. 
  • Do the women that Brian dates, actually realise he's a dog?
  • Why do they hate Meg so much?
  • Chris is a waste of an animated character.
  • Cleveland should have never gotten his own TV show.
  • Why can some adults hear and communicate with Stewie but Lois can't?
Some don't get Family Guy, and that's OK, we can't all like everything. But for the ones that do.....enjoy!


  1. All hail Stewie!
    He is my fave TV Character and he and Brian make a great team
    One of my fave episodes is the one Brian owes him money and he promised to pay back after a certain time....hehehehehe.Stewie beat the ish out of him

    Poor Meg...lmao

  2. Oh how I love Stewie!!! I can't go to bed without having my Stewie fix!!
    Love the one he's calling Lois...hilarious!!and she eventually hears him..LOL!!
    Ahhh Stewie how I love thee...


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