30 Jun 2010

Khia! That Is All. For This Woman I Could NOT Think of A Decent Title!

Let us pray and may the Lord have divine mercy upon our souls. The souls that are dead and gone. The souls yet to grace this earth, and the souls that are about to watch the following videos. Amen.

Yes people YUH HAV FI PRAY before watching anything Khia puts out. Mark the sign of the cross on your screen folks, it's about to get real ugly up in here.

I was scoping the Internet the other day for some off key mess that would get my blood boiling in the hopes of inspiring a blog post. I didn't need to as I remembered this mess that was put out by Khia many years ago. Now if you don't remember Khia, she is the one that wanted you to...errrm....lick it in places that no man EVER should on Khia Shamone Finch Chambers.

The song that put Khia on the map, then had her fall off just as quick was 'My Neck, My Back', then she decided to come back and tell us something about snatching her cat back.

This video is NSFW.
N-O-T-H-I-N-G from Khia is SFW!

There's something about this woman, that makes you want to take a shower, then have a priest bless you and command every demon out!!! Mandatory positive: She has nice skin.

This has got to be the some of the most ghettoist [yes I know that isn't a word] shit I have ever seen in my life. And why does she look like she smells real bad?? Someone on You Tube commented and said that she needs to get a really good bra from JC Penny. Good bra and JC Penney in the same sentence? Really? When I think of good bras Rigby & Peller spring to mind, JC Penney does not!

Wikipedia states her daughter is called Lil Khia...I really hope that she called her child Khia Jr and none of that Lil mess.

Be whose lady? I don't know any self respecting man that would take Khia home to his mother? I know there are some un-self respecting ones that would tap that on the regualr and keep her behind closed doors. This chick is not take home to mama material. She's not even take to KFC (too upmarket) Chicken Cottage material.

Why is this song so damn repetitive? I bet you'll catch yourself singing it, after you watch it.

Now aside from those ridiculous glasses, telling people to VOTE for her single instead of BUY it, she actually seems pretty nicely spoken and not so hood like from her music videos. Maybe this was Khia's 'white voice' you know the ones where we speak part Ebonics, part [insert your roots here], then when it comes to work we're all "Good Morning, and how are we all this fine and glorious day?" I'll give her some props I didn't even know she could switch it up just a little to sound somewhat passable for a hood chick.

Yep definitely her 'white' voice. The real voice is in the video below.

I'm done. I just am. WTF can you say to all of that? If you made it through ANY of those videos. God bless you my child!

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