25 Jun 2010

Jesus Be A Cure To All That Is Hot Ghetto & Messy!

I stumbled upon this many years ago, and in 2010 it does not get any better. I just had to pull it out if the You Tube closet and dust off the cobwebs. It's had a couple million hits on entertainment portal You Tube, and after watching it you can see why.

A few questions:
  • The girl on the right in the denim, just WTF is she jamming to cause she's in a beat and a world all of her gottdamn own.
  • Is it my ears or does the volume just kick in and go a lil off the chain when they get to the chorus?
  • WTF is up with the spontaneous chorus? I can't lie it scared me coming in at the off beat.
  • If I was dead and this was dedicated to me. I'm coming after y'all in the afterlife. I swear I am NOT playing!
  • How many brothas killed or in jail are gonna be called Ray Ray? There are a lot of incarcerated or dead Ray Ray's all over the world. It's an unlucky name. Black women, do better. Stop naming your child Ray Ray and stop naming them twice at that. Just plain ol' Ray ONE TIME will suffice.
  • If this girl is paying homage to ALL those black folks in this video, then what the hell is that telling you? This chick is like the black Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote. Every time she turns up someone pops off. I don't even know that many people in my own life ALIVE, that she reeled off that died. 
  • Doesn't this song just make you wanna beat somebody?

**Off to find a victim**


  1. You can't love bangs and not t-baby! They need to do a duet or something lol

  2. Imagine Bangs featuring T-Baby!!Now that would be a classic...

  3. I bet she took this as a serious tribute to her homies. I don't know who bans is but if he/she is anything like T-Baby i would like to see that duet. It's so cold in the D.

  4. Oh Londondiva did you know your Queen is in my country? I only found out recently that she attended a tennis match. Prince Harry is here as well. When are u coming back here? It's not cold in the A though but you'll enjoy the weather,lol!

  5. I am weeping and wailing for how cold it is in the D and how my ears have been assaulted. She hasn't figured her singing could be responsible for the inclement weather in the D?


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