21 Jul 2010

Apple Need To Take A Bite Out Of A BlackBerry

The only Apple product I have is an iPod. I have no desire to jump on the iPhone bandwagon as my BlackBerry is all that I need. I’m a phone user who researches the hardware and software capabilities of a phone. I’m not just into what looks pretty or is ‘in’ right now. Currently on my 4th and soon to be 5th RIM handset, I’m very happy with and faithful to the brand. So to all those who tell me to “get an iPhone” if I experience a minor glitch with my BlackBerry, please do us all a favour and shut up. Chances are you have no idea what an operating system is and which version your phone currently has.

After my Friday night cinema outing to see Inception, I scanned through the 3 hours worth of tweets on my handset. During this time it seems that Steve Jobs was doing the global press conference about the problems with the Apple iPhone 4 handset and what they were going to do to rectify them.

A free case!

I had to stop, look around, open up my mouth *nothing came out*, re-read the tweets, stopped some more….now, at this point I’m just confused.

What do you mean you guys get a free case? You have one already. Or don’t you? So the hundreds that you spend, the time you spend in queues lining up for these products, the hype behind them which makes you jump on-line and pre-order one with your credit card   


I’m sorry. That’s just some bull to me. As STANDARD you should have a case to protect a high priced item from potential damage. With every single BlackBerry I have had, it’s come with a free case which were BLOODY LEATHER (except for my first one which was plastic). This is why this was such a shock to me that iPhone users don’t get one.

Steve n dem are taking the almighty piss with you lot and you don’t even seem to realise.

  • No Flash.
  • Only last year you guys got picture messaging (MMS).
  • The problems with the antenna on this iPhone 4 model.
  • Only being able to open up one application at a time.
  • No free case.
Errr no, sorry that’s not good enough for the amount you spend, and some of you have the absolute gaul to be getting all happy about getting a FREE case? You should have had one in the first damn place. That’s like going to a fancy restaurant and not even getting a plate and cutlery to eat with.

Upon further reading, it seems it’s only to those that experience antenna problems, and isn’t really a case at all, and just a plastic bumper.

OK, rather than shell out close to a mortgage payment on a product, I’ll just go with a brand that looks after their customer, who’s concerned with looking after their flipping handset and upping the technology when it comes to the software.

If you have any problems with your BlackBerry follow @BlackBerryHelp on Twitter. Make sure you follow them as they reply via DM to any queries you may have.

For iPhone users I cannot seem to find anything Apple related on Twitter that is an authentic account. If you know of one then please drop me an email, or leave the twitter address in the comments section.

My BBM bar code for the normal sane folks. If you don’t have a camera on your BlackBerry to scan the code from your screen the PIN is 20E997B5 I don’t mind it being in the public domain [as it already is] because if you act up/are an arsehole, I’ll simply block your PIN from ever requesting me again.



  1. Totally unrelated to this post...my bb is down until tomorrow...sob sob

  2. Down until tomorrow??? You mean you never paid your bill.

    I'm busy tomorrow. We can't all have a day off like you ya know!


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