21 Jul 2010

Hood Talk: Is There Industry Beef Between Adam Deacon & Noel Clarke?

Noel Clarke has been back in the UK after a 5 week working jaunt to LA having meeting after meeting whilst getting a little family time in. Hardly a vacation, as he explained in his latest blog post yesterday.

In this blog Noel told it like it was without exposing who it was. Noel’s better than me, cause I’ll call a mutha out in a heartbeat. That is MY Style! You f*** me over, I’m calling you out! What am I protecting you and your trife ways for? Loyalty done!

As a fan of both Adam and Noel ,and a follower of both of on Twitter, I noticed there hasn’t been much tweeting between the pair like there usually has.

The last thing I remember is Adam tweeting Noel to call him. That was during the World Cup. Since then…a whole lot of nothing [unless I missed a few], but my memory is good…trust me.

Adam seemed to have a few stressful days on Twitter where he ranted indirectly last week about the industry [whether that was related to what was going on as a result of Noel’s blog who knows]. Yesterday it was Noel’s turn followed by this extract from his blog post titled ‘LA BLOG’ 

“… now people I know are using the HOOD thing, and doing their own thing with it like it’s cool. I’m not gonna bad mouth anyone. But they should ask themselves if it is cool? Really?

Not the film. The film is fine. I support the idea. I encourage you all to go do your thing, I got love for everyone I’ve worked with and they know I have. I have supported them, in public and behind the scenes on projects, with advice, hooked them up with other people who gave them work, got things done for them that I wouldn’t for other people… I want them all to succeed, get out of their area if they want and do big things, and I was gonna help them do that. but why steal my shit to do it? Is that right?

I sat on my arse when I was broke as a joke and made up the whole HOOD thing, now it’s getting used without me to make cash, and exploit people who won’t know it’s not me doing it. don’t tar me with that brush.

It’s simple you do someone else’s thing WITH them, it’s a collaboration. You do someone else’s thing WITHOUT them. It’s called stealing, or as the lawyers have been calling it… Copyright infringement. (look it up)

…(Jack of all trades, master of at least 2… Accept no imitations)

P.S. Your thirty pieces of silver are in the post.”

LOOK it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on here.

Master of at least 2: KiDULTHOOD & AdULTHOOD
Accept no imitations: ANUVaHOOd??

Adam is writing, starring and directing a film called ANUVaHOOd which he stated: “I would say it’s a KiDULTHOOD meets Friday type of thing.”

I even peeped the unusual uppercase/lowercase spelling of ANUVaHOOd on the Twitter Page/Official website which is synonymous to that of Noel’s films. 

No Inspector Clouseau here folks, just a very observant woman. And yes, at this point I’m thinking Noel IS associated with this film [somehow] even if he’s not starring in it just based on little things like that.

However before all of this, I thought nothing of it, especially as I saw Adam stand next to Noel with my own eyes during a Q&A for 4, 3, 2, 1 the movie and tell us, the audience, that he has ANUVaHOOd in the works and that it’s a KiDULTHOOD meets Friday comedy. My fellow tweeters @C1aire_Lucas @JadeMLawrence @KevKevv were present at that Q&A, and I have the audio on my You Tube Channel

So, if that is the case, was Noel helping Adam on the project? Did things progress in a way in which Noel didn’t like, whilst he was here or in LA? Who knows? Maybe Noel will talk about it. Maybe he won’t, and just leave it at that blog post.

The references in Noel’s blog as well as a tweet in response to a tweeter where he stated he “wasn’t taking digs [at Adam I’m assuming] but stating facts” suggests he’s not a happy camper in that respect at all. I honestly thought the idea of ANUVaHOOd was blatantly linked to Noel Clarke through Adam, that this movie has Noel’s blessing AND him credited on it somewhere. Obviously not! This movie has nothing to do with Noel Clarke. 

I peeped on IMDB this morning, Adam’s character in ANUVaHOOd is called Jay. Jay is also Adam’s character in KiDULTHOOD and AdULTHOOD. Alright back up....hold up....!

OK, so what is this…a spin-off?? 

It can’t be...can it? It hasn’t got Noel’s name on it with the writing, directing or even the acting. If this Jay is the same Jay from Noel’s two films, then the film has to have Noel credited somewhere, otherwise this is totally ludicrous. If it's not the same character, are there no other names aside from Jay to use for this character and film? 

Can you see why he’s mad? Can you see the references in his blog post making sense?

The whole title and character name is a little too close for comfort if you ask me. Where Noel wrote “exploit people who won’t know it’s not me doing it..” makes a WHOLE lotta sense. There are Noel Clarke fans out there who think this ANUVaHOOd project is somehow associated with him, especially as fans really want a third ‘hood’ installment from Noel. Noel has made it perfectly clear that probably is NOT going to be happening as he wants to venture onto new and different things.

So what has happened here? Has Adam jumped on board with ANUVaHOOd KNOWING the demand for a third ‘hood’ installment, whilst ‘exploiting’ the people [audience] thinking this has Noel’s stamp on it?

“30 pieces of silver in the post?”

DAMN…tell em why you mad son.

I don’t blame you at all.

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  1. hmmmm......well was da matta between da two....wen did diz happen nd dey both are wikked actors so be it! nd i love you adam:D....i wnt ya addy nd u gt no fanpage/club? :( xx

  2. "I peeped on IMDB this morning, Adam’s character in ANUVaHOOd is called Jay. Jay is also Adam’s character in KiDULTHOOD and AdULTHOOD. Alright back up....hold up....!"

    ummm... Adam's character in ANUVaHOOD is Kay, short for Kenneth. Get your facts right.

  3. You're replying to a post made in 2010 and are telling me to get my facts right???

    At the time of writing this post, Adam Deacon's character was listed as JAY/J on IMDB before filming began and before the whole cast was even confirmed. If my memory serves me correctly at the time only TWO actors were confirmed on the IMDB listing and was in pre-production. I did my research.....did you??? Obviously not!


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