19 Jul 2010

Blast From The Past: 80's Picture of Will Smith & Mariah Carey Together

Source: Mariah Daily 

OMG at this old school pic of Mariah (before she hit the big time) Carey with Will Smith in 1998. Two years after this photo was taken who the young Mariah was about to become a global superstar. What's great to see that 22 years later these two are still rich and very successful. Here's to many more years to that!

I'm sorry but Will does look like he has some sugar in his tank in this photo.


  1. How cute do they look? Oh Mariah, that big 80's hair is on fy-ah!

  2. Really?..how time flies!

    They still look good...though don't like smith's smile in the insert pix...hehehe

    Glad they kept rising..must had been an item in school then.

  3. @nitty-gritty Mariah and Will never dated. It was a photo op at a Summer Jam, she met him and took pics. Her first famous partner was her ex-hubby Tommy Mottola.


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