20 Jul 2010

Errr NO Alicia Keys DID NOT!? Plus I Talk About Lauryn & Erykah.

A bunch of pseudo celebs decided to reach out and offer words of support to Christina and baby Violet after pictures surfaced of The Dream gallivanting on a beach in the Caribbean with his P.A.

Peep the tweet from Miss Assistant-Man Teef Alicia Keys herself. I’m still blinking profusely at this one.

You are a superwoman in every way and I dedicate this to all my superwomen. Have a positive outlook and remember "what goes around comes around."

Errr excuse me!!! WHAT???? “What goes around comes around” huh Alicia?

Super Woman?

There is nothing Super or Woman about this chick. I used to think Alica Keys possessed intelligence and really was one of these deep sistas with a message to empower young women through her music. Now I just realise Alicia Keys has no sense, substance or morals and is actually a rather simple piano playing, song churning, pigeon toed, skank, honing in on her acting abilities and fooling us all. 

Y’all can be fooled, but I am NOT!

Alicia who was WITH Swizz Beatz during his marriage to Mashonda, gave ADVICE to Christina Milian??? If I was Christina I’d be insulted. How you gonna assist to teef a man, yet try and console a woman whose husband has been with another woman and still wearing her wedding ring?? Please tell me??

Alicia Keys needs to sit the f*** down. I am so tired of this chick. I don’t care how much Kente cloth she puts on, head wraps she wears, or African ceremonies to bless her gaudy union she attends. I’ve lost ALL respect for her.

This month Mashonda, ex wife of Swizz, gave an interview to Vibe Magazine. If you don’t believe that Alicia was knowingly messing with Swizz at the time, then peep this excerpt here:

If you were generously invited, would you attend their wedding?

No. Not out of malice, but because weddings are sacred. It's just not my place. The only reason I went to his birthday party was because he invited me and I did that for myself. I needed to see them together for it to transfer. And I was like ‘Wow, this is real.’ We were still totally married…We had a divorce that was nowhere near final, but I just needed to see them in action for it to be real to me, and it was definitely real. You have all these different types of steps that you have to set up for yourself until you get to that place where you are free. And I will tell you, after I got divorced maybe three weeks later I woke up and felt a weight removed. It was the first time I’d ever felt mentally free. And I sent him an email wishing him all the best in the world.

Since this Mashonda/Alicia mess surfaced a lot of women chicks with hoe mentalities have been rising to the surface, coming out of their hood rat infested holes all ‘Team Keys’ and telling Mashonda to get over it and move on.


Are you all riding Alicia’s clit THAT HARD that you actually gave her a pass for her behaviour? Let a woman like Ms Key’s do you like she did Mashonda and you’d be telling a different story. Let Ms Keys be the woman that assisted in your father’s trifling behaviour and left your mama high and dry. Would you be telling your mother to just simply get over it, move on, whilst waving a placard in the air supporting the woman that ran off with your pops? 

Another thing people say….well what about Swizz? Everyone is going really hard on Alicia. You want to know the reason why…?? If a man married or otherwise is a cheating dog, then he’s gonna be a cheating dog. He will go out and sniff cooch after cooch until some woman helps him do the dirty deed on his wife, child and marriage. You don’t HAVE to be the woman that assists him in his cheating. Go and find yourself a single man and leave him alone! Tell him no, and he’ll move onto some next chick. That’s why I call her the ASSISTANT man teef. You can’t ‘steal’ a man from anyone, but a man cannot cheat by himself. Your presence and involvement sure can help him and tempt him along the way and eventually out of that relationship. That’s exactly what she did, assist him. It should have been a case of:

  1. Married man is looking for some fresh poon-tang.
  2. Woman knows man is married.
  3. Married man comes onto woman.
  4. Woman should have no further involvement with the married man. Draw a line under it right there and distance herself from him. No exchanging of numbers, texts, e-mails, dates…nothing. 
Why are you even allowing it to get to a point of love with a married man? If you adhere to step 4, then there should be no love in the first place. At that point there are no emotions, so go and take a cold shower, siddown and read a book.

MY stance on married, separated, soon to be divorced men:
  • I don’t get involved with any of them and never will.
  • I don’t care what problems they are having between them as a couple. It’s not right to be a third party in that union under ANY circumstances.
  • If a man is married, separated and not yet divorced but on his way to being so, he’s STILL married, and as far as I’m concerned I equate that to adultery.
  • I don’t even care if the separation/pending divorce has been drawn out for 15 years…he’s STILL married.
  • I wouldn’t even date a man fresh out of a divorce.
  • Married people are ALLOWED to have their bad times and rough patches without you using that as an excuse to sleep with them. Once they call it a day with ink on the dotted line of the divorce papers then he’s ALL yours.
What is it with some of these deep women and their off key personal lives that we would shake our heads at if they were regular women who lived round our way? Instead some of us give em a free pass because they put out a friggin album which is relatively decent?

Eykah Badu – 3 children by 3 different men. If she wasn't Ms Badu we'd be putting her in the same class as the chicks on The Jeremy Kyle show with no teeth. Wrap some cloth round her fake dreads all of a sudden we get her reasons behind her choices and decide she's free from the very same judgement that we do to the other women that walk the planet. My issue is not with Erykah's lifestyle choice but the hypocrisy in which people defend her choices where they wouldn't others. Thankfully [I'm hoping] no broken hearts occurred with other women as a result of her bearing 3 children. 
Lauryn Hill – 5 children by Rohan Marley. When she was running around with a very married Wyclef Jean [Wyclef confirmed their relationship in 2007], she got pregnant by a very married Mr Marley. Rohan never divorced his wife. Lauryn used to refer to Rohan as her husband on her Myspace page. Years ago I remember checking his MySpace page when I saw this on Lauryn’s page. On Rohan's it said he was single. It states the same thing on Wikipedia, but I can assure you I saw both their pages years ago within minutes of each other and that’s what I saw with my own eyes.


Alicia Keys – got with Swizz when he was married to Mashonda, months after Mashonda gave birth to their son. Whilst with Keys, the human/rodent mutant has fathered a child [left]. Keys was supposedly present during the paternity test in London and will now be mother number 4 to child number 4 of his. So already Swizz has done the dirty on Alicia, and she’s sticking with him and sitting this foolery out?? 

Yeah you a Super something alright, a Super Trick who got played…What was that sh** she was singing about…A Woman’s Worth? There is no hope in hell that their marriage will last. And when it’s over Alicia will release a statement along the lines of

“We are no longer married on paper, but still bonded within the depths of our souls. We will continue to love each other, just apart as physical beings. No longer bound together by society’s ideals of marriage. Together as one in unity to raise our child with the love and respect of its parents that he/she deserves.”

And I can tell you now that will be the cover up statement for “he did it again and cheated on me. I feel so shame faced, and rather than the whole world 'tell me so' let me release this bogus statement to cover up all the shame.”

It’s all well and good to probably think I’m vilifying these women in this blog, but truth be told they and other women like them make choices in their lives. Picking and choosing unavailable men to procreate with, or choosing available, but multiple men to procreate with.

These same women, who if they lived in your neighbourhood you’d be gossiping about and shaking your head at. Just because they put out 15 tracks on an album that you can bop your head and sway to, all of a sudden you give em a pass, and make excuses for their behaviour. So it’s alright for us to make fun of Ulrika Jonsson and call her 4x4 [4 children by 4 men] but not say anything when it comes to Erykah?? 

Look, whether it’s our business or not, people are going to talk. That’s it. Bottom line. Plain and simple. I can’t be that hypocrite. If whats-her-face down the road in exactly the same situation gets talked about, so can the women listed above.

Poignant lines from Lauryn Hill’s smash hit Doo Wop That Thing

Girls you know you better watch out
some guys,some guys are only about
that thing, that thing, that thing

Plus when you give it up so easy you ain't even fooling him
If you did it then, then you probably f*** again

Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again
You know I only say it 'cause I'm truly genuine
Don't be a hardrock when you're really a gem
Babygirl, respect is just a minimum
Niggas f***ed up and you still defending them

The second verse is dedicated to the men
More concerned with his rims and his Timbs than his women

The pretty face, men claiming that they did a bid men
Need to take care of their three and four kids men
The quick to shoot the semen stop acting like boys and be men

Didn’t Lauryn end up with the same type of man she sang about in regard to the above?
Between her and Alica Keys singing and tweeting about Karma I’m through with these fake heffers.


  1. Had no idea Swizz had 4x4 kids! The more I read about this situation, the more I just have to shake my head. So he has already cheated on Alicia? I really wonder what these women see in him.

  2. I've come to the conclusion that they're definitely NOT what they sing...nah..just lyrics of illusions of grandeur and what is 'ideal'..but who they are definitely not in their songs!
    True talk - Miss Badu seems to get a pass because she's Erykah...just like her taking of her clothes downtown was called 'art'...KMT!!!

  3. Standing ovation from me, Ms. Diva !! Well said.

  4. Ms Diva you went in! LOL!

    Once she has the baby it will all end in tears... I hear he's now going to manage her career (she fired her long time manager).

    A receipe for disaster if true.

  5. OOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGooooooodnesssss!!!!! I don't believe Alicia had the audacity!!!!! I think she has severe issues!!! Is she mentally unstable???? I don't know what to say about her and after I saw her big pregnant but on top of that piano at the awards show, I knew she was gone. I don't even know why I am surprised by this. smh...

    Erica, Erica, Erica, 3 men???????? smh....annnnnddddd I am shaking my head at Lauren as as well. Why do these women try and speak for black women and they know they are guilty???? We might as well have "Superhead" as the spokesperson for black women. They are almost worse than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson being the spokesperson for African Americans. smh til I can't shake it any more!

  6. *applauds*

    I'm confused too - how old is that child and when did 'What a Swizz' father it?

    Does Alicia really think that the dude won't cheat on her, because she has some sort of platinum-plated pussy? Yeah... I can see this relationship lasting forever. What goes around comes around...

    You know what, LD? You're right. These so-called 'women of substance' fool us into thinking they're people you could trust, because they're classically trained musicians, write their own songs, wear headwraps and sing empowering lyrics.

    Meanwhile, they're busy shagging anything that has legs and wood, and isn't a table or a chair. That would be fine if everyone involved was single, but when you throw children and wives into the mix, you have to stop thinking with your ovaries and let your brain take the wheel.

    At least the likes of Kat Stacks and Kerrine Steffans were honest and authentic hoes and side pieces, without trying to paint this veneer of class and respectability.

  7. @Special_k Alicia will be mama number 4 and she's having child number 4.

    @shonavixen I never bought the whole Erykah nekkid being art ish JUST because she's Erykah. Watch if that was Kendra or Kim Kardashian...different story. They would be some hoes. If Erykah Badu came out with a sex tape. It would be a spiritual sex education video and nothing else, just because some incense and candles would be burning in the background.

    @Mrs Denga...good to see you round these parts. Hope you're well. There are some women in the public eye that black women seem to automatically just thrust in this 'black woman on a pedestal' position. These women are some of them, India Arie and Jill Scott are another two I can think of. OMG say you don't like a pedestal sitting black female celebrity, they will be quick to come after you and tell you, you have some issues. I've NEVER been blinded by these chicks and their music. I saw Lauryn for her trife self before she became a solo artist, and even as a youngin was giving her the serious side eye when 'Doo wop that thing' came out. I really do know what Mashonda meant in that Vibe interview when she said she 'believed' Alicia. She talked a good game through her music.

    @China Blue The 3rd child is 2 years old. Alicia and Swizz have been together for 3 years. They got together shortly after Mashonda had their son (who is now 3 and a half years old), so he fathered the girl when he was still legally married to Mashonda and screwing Alicia on the side.

    Alicia has already been cheated on by him. Supposedly by his side during the paternity test too.

    As for Supahead and Kat Stacks, shoooooot may not like them but at least they are honest about their slaggish behaviour, and not trying to come off as anything pure, prim and proper.

  8. I am well, thank you for asking! I hope the same for you too. I can't stay gone for too long. You're blog is the only blog that keeps me laughing. I have to give it to you and China Blue. You two are right...at least you know what you're getting with Superhead and Kat.

    I'm sleeping on Jill Scott. I haven't heard her dirty laundry yet, What's her story???? As far as India Arie is concerned, she just annoys the crap out of me. Every since I heard that "I am not my hair" song and she was sporting that bald head with the little curly thing in front....ridiculous!

    Come to think of it, I've never been into neo soul. Who's out there in music keeping it real these days?????

  9. I am profoundly ashamed that I worshipped Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill when I was a teenager because of their female empowerment lyrics.I wish I could erase the memory. Gross!!!

  10. Re: Erykah and Lauryn (and Alicia for that matter) - they gets the big eye roll from me. Not one of them is a role model as far as I'm concerned.

    Have you read Eykah's rationale regarding relationships? Mind boggling. To me she sounds like she's given up and has little self respect. But to her fans, she's just "keeping it real". As Chris Rock would say, "Yeah, real dumb."

  11. @EklekteKuria YES I have read Erykah's rationale on relationships. You know what she sounds like someone who made that ish up because she grew tired of wanting a man to put a ring on it. It's what happens when a woman secretly wants a man to devote his life to her, doesn't, then she takes the I'm happy and blissful approach...Heffer who you fooling?

    I read that on LHCF....bare self esteem issues wrapped up like dreads in a headwrap, tryna pass it off as some deep ish!

    @Mrs Denga I CANNOT get down with Neo Soul either. As for Jill no real dirt, all I know is she was in a relationship got pregnant, they were engaged and it didn't work out. I only made reference to Jill as I know she's another deep sista people cling onto when they speak. Not cause she had any trife ways I know about.

    Don't get me started on "I am not my hair" Every black woman quoting that on Twitter and forums obsessed with their damn hair. Talking about they aren't about it. **rolling my damn eyes** Bitches please! The amount of money us sistas spend collectively on hair products and man hours spent in the salon. A ton of those heffers are straight ass liars!!!

  12. Alicia Keys Im not hateing you or Swizz Beats ok
    Alicia Keys I love you and Im sorry Alicia Keys for
    saying bad staff to you and Swizz Beats ok and
    Alicia Keys I never will have a baby boy I no now
    Its not my time to get marriy to a sice woman Like
    you Alicia Keys and weres my ANGEL AND HEREO WEN
    I NEED YOU Alicia Keys and I love you Alicia Keys YES I DO
    Alicia Keys I dont want you to marry Swizz Beats cuise he is
    useing you I love you Alicia Keys will you marry Alicia Keys
    yes or no and Alicia Keys I love you and I wood die to kiss you
    Alicia Keys

    to Alicia Keys
    From Scott Houston

  13. Alicia Keys Im not hateing you or Swizz Beats ok
    Alicia Keys I love you and Im sorry Alicia Keys for
    saying bad staff to you and Swizz Beats ok and
    Alicia Keys I never will have a baby boy I no now
    Its not my time to get marriy to a sice woman Like
    you Alicia Keys and weres my ANGEL AND HEREO WEN
    I NEED YOU Alicia Keys and I love you Alicia Keys YES I DO
    Alicia Keys I dont want you to marry Swizz Beats cuise he is
    useing you I love you Alicia Keys will you marry Alicia Keys
    yes or no and Alicia Keys I love you and I wood die to kiss you
    Alicia Keys

    to Alicia Keys
    From Scott Houston

  14. These comments are really judgemental...as if one of you were God.

    You don't know these chicks story or you don't know what happened behind close doors. Don't get me wrong, I am not condoning sleeping with a married man or having several children by different men, but shit happens. None of us are perfect. Last time I checked only God was. Most of us have experienced a relationship that did not work and we moved on. We condemn ladies who decide to have their kids and celebrate those who abort theirs. We throw stones at other peoples misfortunes or bad decisions, but we hide our own.

    For all those people who made comments, check your closets for skeletons and air your shit out, so others can judge you, since you like to judge.

  15. @Joi - It's funny how those who spout on about people judging are the SAME ones coming up in here judging folks FOR judging. Save yourself the time of being labelled a hypocrite by trawling a Christian website if you're that holy. Also keep on keepin’ on throwing God in the mix to make yourself seem 'above' myself or anyone that commented on the back of this post.

    I don't know why people sit down with a cup of something, reading through my blog which is ALL ABOUT opinion/judgment/whatever you wanna call it and use it as a means to entertain yourself. It's too 'worldy' for you...then go on about your business boo. There are millions of blogs out there, go and find one that suits your damn needs, because I'll be damned if you think a ridiculous comment like that is gonna make me change my mindset about whoever any time soon.

    "Only God can judge" …yeah yeah we heard it all before. Pick a new chapter and verse. Anyone that says they don't judge is A LIAR!! Yourself included.

  16. Yeah, I know I'm not perfect and I don't sit around acting like I am or throwing stones at others, but you obviously think you are. So whateva chick!

  17. @joi ...well that was extremely lame.

  18. Call it what you want....but hopefully if/when you reach the level of Lauryn, Erykah and Alicia people will start airing your dirty laundry and judging you for the smell!

  19. ummmmmm.... let the first one without fault cast the first stone. So sorry these celebrities turn out to be human! lol. and no I do not condone alicia, lauryn, or erykah. but I also don't try to act like they are some supreme being. take a lesson from dre 3000 "being humans are, on the blvd (of life)" they fall down...and then get up at some point. and that goes for kiki down the street too.

  20. @toni2real "they fall down" where? Onto unproteced, erect penises knowing they are married? Look! There is a blatant difference between a human being making a mistake in life compared to a cold calculated decision to sleep with married men and bear his children. That's not a mistake. That's a "I'm doing it because I can and I will move, so fuck the consequences."

    As for all of the bible quoting people love to get all holy, especially when it comes to justifying one's slackness.

    Like I've said before, don't be on here reading about pure opinion and judgement for entertainment purposes, then shake your finger at the author [me]. If you want to go and quote bible scriptures go find a Christian blog to impart your wisdom.

  21. @joi why wait?? If people want to 'air their laundry' about me they are free to do so. There's nothing in my past or present that I am ashamed of or haven't yet mentioned. So they can judge away, my skin is overly thick. I know the content of my character and am overjoyed and extremely comfortable in the skin of the person that I am today. Sorry nice try, but I'm not the one who gets pissed/upset at people talking about them. I'm too confident and ballsy for that. Let em talk (if there was something to talk about...) at least I'd be the topic of conversation.

  22. And the married men get none of the blame? Typical.


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