20 Jul 2010

Que From Day 26 & THAT Twitter Proposal: Dawn’s Response

It’s very rare that you’ll find any celebrity couple from the A to the Z list in black on black GENUINE love these days. Find a young couple who are ‘sort of’ celebs, then one half of it gots ta f*** it up and bring shame upon the Nubian Union.

I read about it on Twitter but I didn’t even go and take a look at the damn tom foolery proposal Que made to Dawn. 

There are things I really try/have tried to avoid blogging about.

  • Michael Jackson’s death.
  • Tiger Woods and his sexcapadaes.
  • The crazy rantings of Mel Gibson.
  • This bitchass marriage proposal on Twitter.

With the last one. I CANNOT remain silent. You see, the Twitter proposal was bad enough, then I peeped what ol' boy Que actually wrote on Twitter. Prepare yourself with the serious amount of bitchassness that’s about to occur in less than 140 characters.

“I want tha hole world 2 kno ur mind forever…. Will u Marry Me……..I love you.”

Mutha F***a what in the Sam Hill of living hell here on earth was that old negroid proposal?? 

Does he want US to know about Dawn’s mind or know that 'your're mine'? For real?

HOLE world??
MIND forever??

**Blinks countless times**

Did this man-bitch even get his GED?? Sh**, did he even attend Kindergarten??

With spaces, that tweet was 76 characters. Twitter allows you 140. This nucca is so lazy he can’t even propose on Twitter correctly and utilize it to its full potential. Don’t get it twisted now, there is NO CORRECT WAY TO PROPOSE ON TWITTER, as it is all so many kinds of wrong, but he had to go all ghetto and f*** it up with ignorant spelling. For something so wrong, he could have made it just a little bit right.

“I want the whole world to know you’re mine forever…. Will you Marry Me……..I love you.”

Now had he spelt every word correctly as per LondonDiva did above, it would have been 85 characters in total. Lazy in the proposal, lazy in the marriage is what I say. You ask a woman to spend the rest of her life with you, and only you, and that’s how you do it? Good luck with that Dawn. I don’t admire that. In fact I feel sorry and embarrassed for you.

No woman should be marrying any man that is:
a)     Too lazy to propose to you that he has to do it on Twitter.
b)     Uses slang or Ebonics to carry out that marriage proposal.
c)      Cannot even spell.
d)     Doesn’t know the difference between hole/whole/mind/mine.

However, if you think that sh** is cute, then you’re arses deserve each other, but I ask you to refrain from pro-creating with your dumb as rocks chromosome carrying selves.

This is what Dawn had to say about it all. [source: VIBE]

“He talked about it to me but I didn’t know he was gonna do that. I feel that’s between him and I but I’m happy that he’s happy with me and that’s all I’ll say about that.”
“You guys will know soon enough. Right now, I think Qwanell is such a loving person that he just wants to tell the world all the time what goes on between me and him and that was a surprise to me and I love him for that. But I’m more of a private person. You guys will find out when it’s time. I do love him and I do think he’s my soulmate.”
“Right now what’s important is Dirty Money and Last Train to Paris,”

Oh my sweet baby Hay-Soos, this man-bitch name is Qwanell…somebody beat me with a black ghetto baby name book right now!!

Something tells me Dawn said no to that Twitter proposal and told her man to fix up.

I’m sure Que loves Dawn very much, but that is NOT the way to propose to your lady. Fix up and do it privately and with LOTS of class, is what I say.

Aside from the proposal, I like this couple. I hope they make it to the alter and through wedded bliss drama free. I really do, they look good together.


  1. I didn't even realise they were still together, I thought they'd split up so when I read he's done it, I thought it was some lame, desperate attempt to win her back.

    That 'proposal' was atrocious. He must have been on the pipe when he tweeted it. Damn fool.

    No words...

  2. Qwanell?? :blankstare:

    Did you hear about the old spice youtube/twitter proposal? Someone asked the old spice guy to propose to his girlfriend on his behalf.


  3. Twitter gone too far...he uses ebonics and spells it all wrong but then again his name is Qwanell! Yep, I do think Dawn shut that lame ass proposal down!!

  4. Oh my lawd! LOVED these two on Making The Band, I thought they were beautiful. Haven't kept up with them since so didn't even know there were still together... but seriously... how embarrassing... that tweet, that "proposal" (if you can even call it that?) Damn shaaame..


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