30 Jul 2010

I'm Surprised Kanye Didn't Fire His A**!!

I was looking at the pics Kanye had posted on his Twitter, and thought to myself, Look at Mr West lookin' all fly n sh**, getting ready to fly out on the 'baby mama jet' [his words, not mine].

Then I peeped something oh so wrong with the picture...

...Answer me this "how you are going to be on Kanye West's payroll and looking like you just bought your footwear from Primark brotha man on the left?" Pure house slipper looking shoes to boot [no pun intended].

The played out FroHawk could have been fixed up a little nicer, but he killed it stone cold dead with THOSE SHOES with THAT SUIT pictured with THAT MAN.

Maybe Kanye is a lot more easy going that we think, we all know Diddy wouldn't be tolerating that kind of foul-foot wearing bitchassness around him and would have fired him in an instant.

I don't care how much those shoe things cost. They aren't suitable for that suit. He just brought the whole look and feel of that shot down tenfold!

..and he's got the nerve to lean back and cock out his foot, like he's bussin' style!

Fall back. Lean Back. Exit stage left. Do a 360. Start over!

Photo: @KanyeWest


  1. Thanks for another pic of the daperness that is Mr West!
    Errrr Diddy shouldn't even think of firing any-one because of his momma!!He needs to get her a stylist, get rid of that wig of hers and that fur and...oooh I could go on about Janice Combs!!

  2. "..and he's got the nerve to lean back and cock out his foot, like he's bussin' style!"



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