29 Jul 2010

PHOTOS: Kanye West Visits Twitter Headquarters

First a visit to Facebook HQ, and now onto Twitter HQ Kanye goes. Looks like Mr West is using his business head and getting the best promotion that he can for himself and his latest upcoming project. I'm not mad at him, do your thing brotha man. Hey, if you're smart and bold enough to use the two most popular Social Networking sites in the world to capitalise on your popularity, then go for it I say.

He dissed Twitter hard refusing to be a part of the micro-blogging site claiming he was too busy. Now watch them [@Twitter] all welcoming Kanye with open arms at Twitter HQ with his an already verified Twitter account waiting for him to tell us all how great he is.
In less than 24 hours he has 200,000 followers. At my time of posting last night about Kanye's Twitter arrival he had 46,111 followers in 3 hours. Still seeing how long it will take him to hit a million.

Only on a visit at Twitter HQ can Kanye make it look like a GQ fashion shoot. I must say he does look very dapper and handsome. Nice to see a brotha not showing his underwear, knowing how to wear a suit, and wearing it well. Ruben Studdard take note.

Photos: Jillian West


  1. And that's how a brotha should wear a suit!!!

  2. And that's how a brotha should wear a suit!!!!


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