29 Jul 2010

Are You Addicted To Your BlackBerry?

  1. When you go out for a meal with a group of friends, the BlackBerry has a place on the dinner table beside you. No matter how crowded the table becomes with plates and glasses, the BlackBerry stays!
  2. You have the Bible application or [choose holy book of choice] downloaded onto it and even use it in church. Your Pastor, Reverend or Bishop may even have one too which he refers to for the scriptures. Even the Lord gets integrated into technology ya know.
  3. A bath is no longer a bath without bubbles, candles and BlackBerry use from the bathtub.
  4. When you go to sleep, it is right by your bedside.
  5. The last thing you do at night is check your BlackBerry.
  6. The first thing you do in the morning is check your BlackBerry.
  7. You take it into every room you go into in the house, just in case you miss a BBM, a tweet, e-mail or text message.
  8. You have your BBM, Twitter, e-mail, phone calls, and text message tones set with a unique tone and vibrate. You know what each specific tone, number of beeps, and number of vibrations each one is for.
  9. You lose a little amount of respect for anyone that owns an iPhone. You may not say it, but you sure as hell are thinking it.
  10. As far as you’re concerned HTC phones are OK, but iPhones are the devil.
  11. No matter how hard you try to resist, that red flashing light always calls you to look at your phone.
  12. You bring your charger to work. You just may have an at home charge, one for the PC and one for work.
  13. You receive a phone call or text and break your neck to rush to get to it, all because you weren’t paying attention and forgot all about number 7.
  14. You’re late for work, you leave the house and don’t have your BlackBerry. Going back for it could be the difference between getting to work late missing the train and getting to work even later. You decide to get to work even later and can use it to e-mail your boss to let them know there are ‘fake train delays’ again.
  15. Seeing your BlackBerry at a low battery sends you into a state of panic. If you’re at work you will trawl from desk to desk asking the same people that you blank all the live long day in passing around the office if they have a BlackBerry charger. You won’t rest until you find one.
  16. You know you have to do it, but you’re pissed as hell you have to switch your BlackBerry off on a flight even though at 35,000 feet you cannot make or receive any calls. That’s not the point! Like the Twilight Saga “you don’t understand.”
  17. As soon as the flight lands, you grab the BlackBerry and turn it on. At this moment in time you do not give a damn about roaming charges. As long as you and your BlackBerry are reconnected [both literally and figuratively], that’s all that matters. You’ll deal with the bill when you get home.
  18. The only time your phone is ‘off’ is during a flight or when you have to do a hard battery reboot. Other than that, you don’t want to miss any data connectivity. IT STAYS ON! That’s what the silent mode is for.We don't use the off button.
  19. You believe that anyone who has no idea [of the basics] such as their OS and BlackBerry model shouldn't even deserve to own it.
  20. If you own BlackBerry and just said “what does OS* mean?” turn yourself into the nearest police station and surrender your handset. You should be ashamed of yourself!
  21. Excuse us! [and by ‘us’ I mean all BlackBerry owners] It is not a cell/mobile phone. We refer to it as a Smartphone, a handset, or ‘my BlackBerry’. Thank you very much!
  22. We don’t say “call me on my phone” the correct turn of phrase is “call me on my BlackBerry.” Only do we refer to it by the brand when making reference to the call. "Sorry..one moment I've got a call coming through on my phone BlackBerry." Yes we are that up ourselves. Doesn't sound right if you replace BlackBerry with any other brand.
  23. You follow @bbgeeks @BlackBerryHelp and @BlackBerry on Twitter. You are members or use forums such as Crackberry as a reference guide, or for light reading on all BlackBerry news.
  24. You get excited at the prospect of a new model. Even if the handset doesn’t look any different, you get all excited about the specification improvements. You then make comparisons between the spec of the latest iPhone and realise the REAL reason RIM* are far superior at their craft. They are more about creating smartphones that have no antenna problems when holding them, and aren’t too cheap toward their customers after standing in line for days, and will give them a FREE LEATHER case as standard! 
  25. You know what RIM* stands for, and give any BlackBerry owner the side eye who doesn’t.

OS* = Operating System
RIM* = Research In Motion who are the company. BlackBerry is an RIM brand.


  1. Hi my name is Kookie and I'm a blackberry addict. I have been an addict for 1 whole week and my blackberry (carlos to friends, just blackberry to business & acquaintances and my phone when I call blackberry support).

    I know they say the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one. I admit I am addicted I just don't think its a problem *exits group therapy*

  2. @funms I'm wondering which 2 don't apply to you?

    @Kookie, your BB is called Carlos? Trust me hun, not amount of group therapy is going to cure you of this addiction.

    From one BlackBerry owner to another **cough** "what models do you have?"

  3. LOL @ the bible app....Yeah, but I use YouVersion :)

  4. Iphones are better, always have been, always will be...

    When you bb users can record a video in full HD or retinal display true to life internet viewing, you can talk

    Until then, get with the apple programme!

  5. @tash85 errrr...um....ok....yeah, cause that's JUST what we want to be doing with our BlackBerry's all day everyday, making videos in full HD. That's really not a selling point for me. It just isn't. But that's cool if that's ALL you want from your phone. I'm already with the Apple program. I have an iPod.

    "Blackberry excels at doing, where iPhone excels at viewing" -saw that today and thought that was a pretty fair statement, and if you know anything about specifications between the two handsets you'll see why that applies.

    I'm good with my BlackBerry, and the ability to perform simple functions, like have more than 1 application open at a time, something which I hope they've rectified with the iPhone4. That and introducing basic MMS in late 2009 shouldn't be issues in this day and age of superior technology.

    Thanks, but no thanks iPhone doesn't suit my needs [both business & personal] and probably never will as I buy my products based on quality, specifications and capabilities.

    Fact remains RIM have saturated both the business and consumer market, something Apple are still actively trying to do.

    If I ever were to stop being a RIM customer I'd head straight for a Droid before an iPhone. As for them being 'better' the amount of problems with the iPhone 4 and global news coverage it's been having recently suggests otherwise.

    Needless to say I'm a BB geek and it's staying that way, a simple 'get with the Apple programme' is hardly going to make me head down to the nearest Carphone Warehouse with a quickness.


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