27 Jul 2010

Thoughts Of The Day

  • I’m so tired of people knowing nothing about personal space in London on public transport. I ask you politely to move, even saying please and you want to get an attitude? Only until I've moved from my leaning position to standing straight up, dude realised he was messing with a taller-than-him-cussing woman and realised he messed with the wrong one. 
  • I’ll be on the same train tomorrow in the same carriage. Let his ass act the fool again!
  • To the Northern Line, it’s hot already! Why was the air conditioning blowing out hot air this morning, but in the dead of winter the railings are hella cold to the touch?
  • I cannot stop playing Eminem’s Recovery album. So many people still riding Drake and that lame ass album. I can honestly say ‘Thank Me Later’ was the most over hyped, long, overdue piece of crap.
  • Eminem has some issues [shoot don’t we all] but there is no denying he is one talented mofo.
  • Is Nicki Minaj on some Drake ish with the ‘I can’t decide whether I want to be a rapper or a singer flex?’ I peeped her latest video for…I can’t even remember the name of the single, but made a Scooby Doo ‘huh?’ at the following line [which I don’t remember but sourced from the net]…. Oh it’s called ‘Your Love’ “Anyway I think I met him in the sky. When I was a Geisha he was a Samurai .Somehow I understood him when he spoke Thai”
  • Samurai’s are from Japan. People in Japan speak Japanese. People from Thailand speak Thai. One more reason to dislike Nicki Minaj. She’s not intelligent.
  • I’m tired of Rhianna being featured on tracks as well as Ms Minaj. ‘Love The Way You Lie’ by Eminem being one of em. It seems like it takes an eternity for her to sing her damn hook.
  • Where is Noel Clarke? Since his Twitter and blog rant he’s been M.I.A.
  • Something tells me from Adam Deacon’s tweets last week he may have read my blog or @madnewsblog that linked to my story on here. Oh well, you have a problem with my piece e-mail address is to the top, right hand corner.
  • With regards to that blog, never said it was fact. The way in which it was written lets the reader decide for themselves. Hence all of the questions and assumptions.
  • Still learning to juggle my time better. Says LondonDiva writing this up to post later whilst she’s at work.
  • The hypocrisy by LHCF moderators kills me. [Blog post to follow at some point].
  • Did you sign the MAC Rodarte petition? If not just head here?
  • Speaking of petitions did you sign the UK Film council petition also?
  • If you’re twisting your neck asking “did you?” with regard to the petitions, the hell I did sign em! Took 30 seconds a piece.
  • Some of these people are too nasty! How are you going to go out, buy your lunch, come back and spray sanitizer on your hands before eating?
  • I go out and come back. I Wash my hands. I Don’t let my hands touch the tap whilst turning it off. Use paper towel to hold open the door. Sanitizer, then proceed to eat my food.
  • What kind of punk are you to be already sitting at home behind a computer and on top of that sit behind the name ‘anonymous’ when leaving negative comments? You can’t even make up a simple username like‘abcd?’ I’d at least have an ounce of respect for you if you weren’t such a pussy.
  • It’s nice to get the odd blog appreciation comment. I appreciate you back! And thank you!
  • I get some not so nice comments. What do I do? Laugh! Literally I do. You’re still on my site reading the same stuff that pisses you off. I got you by the blogger balls. Even when you can’t stand me you’re still here reading my content sucking away at your time. And if you’re one of em reading this, I gotchu again. Like a low self esteemed repeatedly cheated on spouse…you keep coming back for more.
  • I don’t have haters. I hate the term. You just don’t like me…and that’s OK.
  • Am I a masochist? I swear I get some sort of kick out of people not liking me. Warped I know. I’m too thick skinned for my own good.
  • I used to say when I was younger that I didn’t care if someone said to my face they didn’t like me. My response was always the same “Good. One less person for me to spend my energy liking. I can spread it around for the quality people already in my life.”
  • Never had a ‘beg a friend’ mindset. I don’t want too many people liking me. [Sounds crazy I know] I don’t get people like that who have to constantly feel validated by people liking them. I love the hell outta me, I got my friends and family. I’m good. I’m set. It’s all about the quality, NOT the quantity. I have quality in my life. Trust…weeded out a few, but what’s left is stellar.
  • Some of you gotta stop spouting your personal business on Twitter. My memory is good. I remember what he said to you, when he said it, when you made up and when you just had sex, and I’ve never met you in my life. You’re not making us jealous with your indirect “I gotta man” tweets. We all know what the next line of that song was “I'm not tryna hear that see...what’s your man gotta do with me?” Seriously though, keep your private life P.R.I.V.A.T.E.
  • Whilst on the Twitter tip, I said it the other day, and I’ll say it again fellas [on my timeline] THANK YOU for not spilling all your damn biz about your girl, arguments, sex life, etc on Twitter. I have a male/female mix and the women are the absolute worst. Especially the single women. Married women I follow are very private and quite rightly so.
  • Don’t get mad if you spill your business on Twitter then someone asks you about your personal business. Your relationship isn't all that private anymore when you choose to spill every intimate detail.
  • So you’re here [at work] till 8pm, that doesn’t make you a martyr that makes you dumb as hell.
  • Why does this man here put on a fake Indian accent when on conference calls? I’m gonna buss out in the Patios next time...watch!
  • Read this on Twitter made me laugh at the thought “What's worse, telling sum1 off in person & tripping as u walk away or telling sum1 off on email/chat & misspelling the key words?”
  • Definitely tripping, then I would turn and cuss off the raised concrete in the pavement before walking off vex!

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