26 Jul 2010

Have You Seen Inception? Still Confused? [NO SPOILERS]

I really need to see Inception again, but I'm not sure I'm getting it anymore after listening to this woman's 'explanation' of the movie. If you haven't seen the film, then don't listen to the You Tube video audio.

"Deprecio???" is that woman for real???

I always need to a movie TWICE before I give it a definitive yay or nay. Especially one as in depth as Inception. 


Even though I give it a yay. I want to give it a higher yay as I think it's totally deserving of it. I just want to be the one to do it and not be influenced by everyone saying it's amazing, just because everyone else has.

During a film I'm looking at facial expression, I'm taking in the plot, listening to dialogue, trying to make sense of it all, that sometimes I miss the little things, which are indeed major and crucial points to a film. Seeing it a second time I already know the beginning, the middle and the end and don't have to focus so much on what's going on and concentrate on the very small things that link it all together. 

Also as I have now seen it I can freely read and listen to other people's perceptions about what happened and why they think x, y and z happened which helps to tie up some loose ends where I may have not seen it. It doesn't spoil it for me [as I've already seen it], but actually enhances me for a second watch where I can see the same film again, but yet it appear like a brand new film to me all over again.

I want to be able to appreciate Inception fully, so hope to do that even more on a second view. After seeing the trailer again, and knowing the film from start to finish, I'm actually a lot keener seeing it again that I was the first time.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a stellar, incredible, and fine actor. I cannot wait for the day he wins a well deserved Academy Award.
Christopher Nolan is a total genius. A captivating and thought provoking film maker.
Hans Zimmer is a legendary music composer, who can add so much emotion to a finely crafted scene through music alone.

If you try and leave spoiler comments about the film I will NOT be publishing them. Not every single one of my blog readers has yet to see Inception, and as someone who is NOT a fan of spoilers will respect that!

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