1 Aug 2010

PHOTOS: Wedding Weekend: Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys

Trife & Trifer tied the knot yesterday.
Mandatory positive: Alicia looked beautiful and she's a woman who looks great pregnant too. Very simple, yet classy dress that suited her shape nicely.

Just what in the hell is Swizz Beatz wearing??? Here is what he tweeted soon after becoming Mr Alicia Keys.

Of all the people's songs to quote! A man who collects babymama's and one on a never ending 'pay the ex-wife' drama.

I know the woman is Alicia's mother, I'm gonna take a guess and say the man is her father. At first glance I thought it was LA Reid!

Photos: AliciaKeysWeb.com


  1. the first place i have seen these..good job

  2. Alicia looked beautiful and yes that's her father. Who is trife and who is trifer? What song was Swizz talking about was it you can hate me now but i won't stop now?


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