1 Aug 2010

PHOTOS: Wedding Weekend: T.I. & Tiny

Clifford Harris and Tameka Cottle after 'dunno how many years together' and 2 engagement rings later ,finally made it down the aisle.

Singer Monica, Kandi and 'who knows what the hell her real job is' Toya were bridesmaids in their wedding.
I'm a T.I. and Tiny fan I have admiration for them both. The BET show 'Tiny & Toya' did a lot to raise her profile, gain new fans and admirers and show the world she wasn't just T.I.'s babymama who sat at home all day spending his money. Aside from not being able to understand Tiny most of the time, she seems very sweet and has a good heart, especially when it comes to being there for her friends and family.

Not feeling the dress which is hideous, or the tattoos on show which CAN be covered up you know people. Please tell me that isn't foil at the bottom of that bouquet!!

I wish them all the luck in the world. I really do.

Photos: @therealrc
  1. Tiny & T.I.
  2. Monica, Toya & Kandi
  3. Sister 2 Sister Magazine Editor Jamie Foster Brown (who thinks she's every Black celebs's auntie), pictured with El DeBarge
  4. Cinderella horse drawn carriage.


  1. Her dress is so hideous that it took my attention off his awful suit WTF?


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