6 Aug 2010

Time For A Quickie!

If I'm going to be a little absent for the next few weeks at least there will be this blog post letting you know that I haven't abandoned it, or the readers. I love my blog I really do, so that's not going to change anytime soon. To be honest sometimes my 'addiction' to keeping my blog updated daily can eat into other things as well.

I have some things going on [good great things] that are eating away at my time as well as helping out a friend with a 'website project thingy' of his, which I'm buzzed for. So really just want to focus on that as much as I can for now.

I'll post the odd blog here and there because there is plenty of foolery I'm seeing outta road, reading on Twitter that needs the signature LD rant to go along with it. Some of those fools on Twitter I swear, I can't even be bothered to address, just mute, un-follow or straight block. When you clear away the f**kery even on a social networking site, you're left with the wise and the humourous ones. PEACE AT LAST!!!

So far for me, it's been an interesting and positive week. It really has been, and it can only get better! It WILL get better.

BIG Thanks to all those that have subscribed in the box to the right for the blog straight to your e-mail...I see you [only in numbers though]. I added that about 2-3 weeks ago the numbers went from 1 to 11 subscribers via Feedburner last week, and just had a peep and it's now in the 3 figures. [I do have other followers via Google I just don't have that widget thing anymore]. Well there's something on here you like, and I'm glad to have you here because of it.

If I'm not on here you can always catch me on Twitter. Follow. Say hello...you know how it works. But please if you're one of those people [namely female] that come on there yapping about being single, heartbroken, or flappin her gums about her man 24/7/365, don't bother...I'm tired of women and their man related tweets every friggin minute. The odd occassion is fine, you got a good man big him up, but if your Twitter account is pure man this, pure man that, come off man! Get a real hobby besides worshipping the penis! 

And to some of the bitter fellas on Twitter, go sort out your issues with your mother, those coming on there with their Black women ain't sh** tweets...don't make me use the location map under your tweet, track you down and go all Madea on you. Call a shrink and sort it out. Not our fault you never latched onto the breast and bonded.

Anyway, till the next blog post which could be tomorrow, next week, who knows....have a great weekend folks. 

Stay busy.
Stay productive.
Stay focused.
Stay blessed.
Stay faithful.

LD x

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