2 Dec 2010

Thoughts Of The Day

  • Ever been angry about something which is well and truly your fault? You make dumb, stupid decisions which are risky as f***? I'm mad at myself…like Joe Jackson mad. If I could clone me and have a fight with my other self, I'd make sure I'd knock the sh** out of her for being such a dumb prick.
  • The only reason I came into work today was for the money. Being a contractor I get paid for when I am here. Made no sense to stay home and crank up the heating…more expense.
  • Did I really read on Twitter someones car got stolen, and they couldn't decide which was worse, their car being gone or their Rihanna album?
  • No Rihanna album is worth buying or crying over. Download that sh** for free on-line, and burn it onto a CD!
  • Speaking of albums, like the movies of 2010 a lot of them have sucked big time. I haven't even got the energy to download 'Pink Friday' for free and see what all the fuss is NOT about. I'm sure I will at some point.
  • Why are black folks chanting what Rolling Stone magazine said about Nicki Minaj being the new Queen of Hip-Hop? Its Rolling Stone magazine. Someone needs to roll up a copy of it and smack you upside the head for endorsing that mess.
  • So many blogs to write, so little time. **Lazy roll of the eyes**
  • There are some girls outta road, whose lacefront wigs are coming down so low on their foreheads, that they are looking like a winter hat minus the bobble in the middle.
  • Oh Lord have mercy! Just read a tweet from @LetsGoDeeper time-line that says ‘1 in 5 US divorces involve Facebook.’ Probably because some men have a whole heap of females disguised as friends who they're shagging and get caught out when the bitch starts with, “I miss you and love you so much” on their wall!
  • Facebook just makes their scandalous behaviour more easy to track. If the Internet didn't exist those 1 in 5 would be doing their sh** via other means.
  • Why bother get married if you’re gonna f*** around? Just why? **sigh**
  • Some ex-boyfriend thinks he can buy my friends affection with money. I guess he didn't know her after all. The cheek of it! 
  • Funny…what she wanted of him to make the relationship work cost NOTHING but time and attention. THAT'S BLOODY FREE!
  • Some men are funny. You don't want a gold digger, but will pull out that credit card to try and buy a woman. Just spreading that sh** around like it's gonorrhea.
  • I don't know if it's the cold weather but I'm in a ‘I will cut a mutha’ mood today.
  • OMG at the rudeness of some people yesterday. Talk about dog eat dog. It was like a scene out of a disaster movie at Victoria train station last night.
  • It's OK anyone thinks they can be bouncing, shoving and pushing me during this bad weather, road blocks and crap transport has another thing coming. 
  • I'm going to see if I can post this blog from my BlackBerry. Never tried it before, and can't access Blogger from work, only Wordpress. [Tried…didn't work!]
  • Might even shift my blog to Wordpress as it goes, but every time I have the intention of doing so, I just can't be bothered.
  • Is it wrong that right now I have no intention of wanting to give up smoking? It’s my only vice. Serves as a bad mood fixer, as well as it being now a bad habit.
  • I guess I already know the answer to that. I've gone cold turkey before. I guess I can again.
  • Girls who aspire to be a Barbie. A little note to you…ladies and women you are not!
  • Barbie's ya know!!! KMT [that's Kiss My Teeth] for those that don't know.
  • I'm switching by the end of this week, out with the 9000 in with the 9800. BlackBerry that is. I can get close to £100 for my old Bold handset, which is a bonus as I got it as a free upgrade.
  • End of the day and I'm f**ked off! I'm not even going to run my mouth about it because I'm in ignorant mode right about now. In this mind state I cannot be responsible for the words coming out of my mouth.
  • I think my kindness is being taken for weakness. My memory is very long. Trust!
  • My tolerance levels should be at ZERO, as they have been extremely low for some years now. Extremely low!
  • If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. Facebook, Twitter and this blog does not mean that you know me. It's always the people who I've never even met in my life or met one or two times that want to act like they know E.V.E.R.Y. facet to my entire existence, just because they have access to a computer.
  • 24 days till sh**y Christmas and 31 days till New Year. To all those that have my phone number but hasn't called or text me in 3-6 months, save yourself a FREE text, come Christmas and New Years and remove it. Please and thank you.
  • Tired of those mass Happy Christmas/New Year texts you get from people that don't even call you to say hi at any other time during the year.
  • I had to go through my phone contacts and delete a whole load of people I haven't called in 6 months. If I haven't called you in or around that time, chances are I don’t really care and won’t be anytime soon.
  • Patois [pronounced pat-wa] is a Jamaican dialect/pidgin. No one speaks Jamaican. Jamaicans speak English. They may speak patois [the dialect] and will have a Jamaican accent. Get it?
  • I have to give a Twitter shout out to @spiritdstrength. If you’re on Twitter follow him [if he accepts you, that is] he’s a hoot, and keeps me smiling and laughing all day. Jamaican and Montserrat background, British brotha who is always bruckin out the patois and hilarious with it. One of the ‘Twitter After Dark’ crew who don’t know about dem bedtime either. Big up GT! A real treasure! But don’t get it twisted he will keep it real with you too! He will chant his Buddhist chant, then be telling someone about their clart five minutes later. 
  • It’s World AIDS Day today. Be aware. Be safe. Get tested regularly.
  • Visit a clinic to get a blood test. But get tested! Remember it takes 3-6 months for HIV to show up in your system. Get educated about the facts! http://www.worldaidsday.org
  • When was the last time you were tested? If it's been a long time, get on the case and do it now!
  • Actress Tasha Smith said today on Twitter, "There is POWER in knowing your status." Make your appointment, attend, get the results.


  1. what a bloodlcart sing ting! sis as always you got me qua-quaaa-ing ah dis late nite like duppie lick me ina mi head. (oh gawsh!) police soon come cuff me. STOP! (for real tho: keep on blogging & inspiring! oneness!) xoxo @spiritdstrength

  2. Girl your Thoughts of The Day posts are the best!!
    LMAO @ those lace front weaves...its so sad...keeping up with the Joneses and all!
    Co-sign that no Rihanna cd worth crying over!Do people actually buy her cds?If so I'd love to ask them why.


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