21 Apr 2011

'Braxton Family Values' Season 1: Ep 2 (FULL)

Here is the 2nd episode of Braxton Family Values. Did you miss the first episode? Catch up and catch it here. My comments about this episode are after the videos.

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If you missed Episode 1. Just click below to catch up.
Episode 1

The some of the lacefronts in this episode or too obvious and horrendous.

Why is Trina acting like she’s proud of her DUI? More humiliating having her wig removed than the having the actual DUI it seems.

Towanda. Divorce his arse. STAT! He doesn’t want to listen. He doesn’t want to change.

Everything that comes out of Tamar’s mouth is drama. She doesn’t even love her mama’s dumplings. Oh Lord have mercy!

At least Trina is doing something. What the hell is Tamar doing except expecting her music career to be handed to her via her husband?

That blondish lacefront ain’t doing jack for Towanda.

Toni seems like the coolest, most level headed Braxton sister.

What the hell kinda prayer was that Tamar?

Is Tamar acting up for the cameras or is this her real personality? It just seems so much MORE than extra.

afoolfromouttaspace.com I love it!

What in the hell happened to Toni’s hair?

I’m trying very hard to keep up with these sisters and their names all beginning with T. Then a new wig or weave appears and I don’t even know who the hell is who all over again.

TRINA, WHAT IN THE HELL! O_O [Part 2 @ 8:52]

Tamar’a lashes at the acting class need their own show.


  1. Thank you sooo much for posting these episodes. I love this show!


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