20 Apr 2011

Trailer: Madea's Big Happy Family

After a multitude of movie poster campaigns, and trailers released, Madea is back!

When it comes to Madea, love her or or hate her, one thing is for sure...Tyler Perry is about to make some more money! The film hits US movie theatres on April 22nd but no look of a UK release date.

Hol' up....did you know the actor that plays Mr Brown (David Mann) and Cora Simmons (Tamela J. Mann) are married?
David & Tamela J. Mann
Tyler is doing what Hollywood doesn't seem to do and that's cast a lot of Black folk in this movie.

Madea's Big Happy Family stars Loretta Devine, Lauren London, Teyanna Taylor, Lil Bow Wow and Tyler Perry.


  1. Hey Iamlondondiva yes i did know that they were married. And i will be going to see the movie on Saturday. So i will let you know all about it. But what do you mean there is no UK release date?? I'm sure it will be coming there soon after. Don't you think?? moreno

  2. Nope no UK release date. It will probably just come out over here on DVD. Maybe Lionsgate don't think that Madea will be big enough on UK shores to draw in enough money at the box office. I should contact Lionsgate and see what they say actually. I have all of TP's movies so will be adding it to my collection regardless. Let me know how the film was.


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