27 Apr 2011

Coca Cola Celebrates 125 Years - Classic 'Coke' Commercials You May Remember

Officially Team Pepsi, but that doesn't mean I turn my nose up at a bottle of Coca Cola every now and then.

One thing that was synonymous with our childhood were those infamous Coca Cola and Pepsi commercials. They were an event within themselves, sponsoring superstars with multi-million dollar deals, and globally syndicating commercials that drew in millions of viewers. Some of these campaigns were so big they would even get press coverage before going live on air for the first time.

Peep some of these old school Coca Cola commercials and see how many of them you actually remember the lyrics too. You may just surprise yourself. 

If Coca Cola had any sense they'd reprise some of these commercials throughout 2011 as a tribute to 125 years of success.

Makes me want to don 3 pairs of neon socks, LA Gears, Jordache jeans & jacket, grab a bottle of coke and sing and dance down the street in union with a bunch of kids from the neighbourhood.

Happy 125th Birthday Coca-Cola

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