27 Apr 2011

New Beyoncé Video: Michelle Obama's 'Move Your Body' Campaign

Well if this isn't an inventive campaign to get the kids of America and all over the world moving, I don't know what is!

Get one of the biggest entertainers in the world to do a revamp of their hits, get the kids involved in a dance routine and join in with them.

This is great, I love it!

Some may say Beyoncé is doing this more for self promotion as she has a new single and soon to be album to promote. Since President Obama was elected, Beyoncé did go on record to say how inspired she was to make a difference and be a part of change. At least in this instance she backed up her talk with some walk...and a cute dance routine for good measure.

Anything to get the children up and moving and eating healthily. Kudos to Beyoncé for working alongside the First Lady in making this happen, whilst other artists are sitting inside eggs and wearing facial prosthetics, it's one less story of another DUI, mugshot, jail term, or pure drama making the headlines.

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