22 Apr 2011

Trying To Get Away From The Royal Wedding & Can't? Neither Can I!

I'm trying to avoid it, even when I do something as simple as turn on my PC. It's in my face.

I switched on my PC and before I even opened my Internet browser, my own f**king Anti-Virus software can't even download the 18 updates without throwing it in my face. I just sat there in disbelief realising that until this paltry event is over, I cannot get away from hearing or reading about it, no matter what I do.

My own Anti-Virus software who is duty bound to protect me from Trojans, Malware and Spyware decides to infect the worst possible virus known to man in the month of April in the year 2011...


Personally, this is one of the most bizarre references I've seen to the Royal Wedding. Like that's REALLY going to make me want to purchase that!

Of all of the viruses you cannot get rid of, the Royal Family and their stinking wedding is one of them

*And yes I will be watching it....JUST TO SEE THE DRESS!

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