22 Apr 2011

Foxgate: Straight Violation!

Whilst some of you slept, couldn't give a toss, or weren't even on Twitter this picture went viral on the Social Networking site. 20,700+ views and 15 hours later this is the most famous fox on the Internet right now.

Anyone who lives in the UK knows just how timid foxes are as soon as you move they run off. Instead, this little rabies ridden ba*tard just chilled on the bed and had the absolute nerve to pose whilst having it's picture taken?

It's one thing to have a complete stranger in your bed, but one [a fox] that can't even talk back to you, riddled with disease, just waltzed into someone house and made itself comfortable? 

I knew foxes were getting more used to city folks, but this is beyond ridiculous. They are now in straight violation and acting like squatters!

There would be some serious throwing out of things and decontamination going on if this ever happened to me.

Questions I'm sure some people are asking:
  • How did the fox get in the house?
  • Did the fox stay long?
  • Did the 'mans' sleep on the bed last night after seeing that fox there?
  • Will the fox ever come forward and break its silence?
  • Will the fox strike again?

As a Londoner, the non-human violation needs to stop! I think we suffer enough dealing with TFL, roadmen, the on-again off-again weather...to pigeons crapping everywhere, super rats, the over population of Staffordshire Terriers walking their 15 year old owners, squirrel attacks and now squatting foxes. 

I'm done!

I've heard the fox even has his own Twitter page now. 

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  1. LMAO! I caught this on Twitter just before I went to sleep last night. Too funny but also scary- I live on the 4th floor though so I'd like to think I'm safe! It does make me wonder what the hell I would do if I found myself in this situation, I can honestly say I don't know!)



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