19 May 2011

"Let Us Go, Set Us Free From All This Propaganda & Lies That Your People Try To Teach Us"

Once again, there is more ignorance infiltrating the media about Black women.
According to an ingrate who shall not be named, we are now the most unattractive when it comes to every other race of people on the planet???

I haven't read the article, and I don't intend to as it will serve no purpose other than unnecessary anger....and you know according to everyone "Black women are just angry for no reason" so let's not give them any more ammunition. Nothing worse than an ugly and angry Black woman right??

I can't think of a more fitting 'Blast From the Past' song than Freedom which featured on the 1995 Mario Van Peebles film 'Panther.'

Pay close attention to the lyrics.

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  1. They're just looking for the magic bullet that will wreck our collective esteem for once and for all. It's not working,


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