28 Jun 2011

BET Real Husbands of Hollywood

This needs to be a TV show. The response from these skits has been fairly positive and I can see why.

Played during the 2011 BET Music Awards Kevin Hart [who was also the host] starred in a series of skits parodying the Real Housewives franchise.

Kevin Hart acting like a bitch
Nick Cannon playing the real-life protective husband to Mariah
and Bobby Brown still acting like he really is the 'King' I blame Whitney for that.

Rapper Nelly, full-time midget Jermaime Dupri and Anthony 'not a very good actor, but seems to land roles in major Hollywood movies' Anderson also feature.

Check out the 3 mini parts and decide for yourself...but that heffer in Part 3 needs to keep Mariah's name out her mouth! Oh us Mariah fans don't play that!

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