29 Jun 2011

That was NOT Michael Jackson Singing on The Simpsons

There's some Internet buzz today about the late King of Pop's vocals on an episode of The Simpsons in which Michael guest starred on playing a mental patient who thinks he's Michael Jackson.

Here's the breakdown in a nutshell for those not in the loop:

  • Michael guest starred on an episode of The Simpsons with a speaking role. He was credited as 'John Jay Smith' not Michael Jackson.
  • The song sung in the episode [written by Jackson] was sung by an impersonator Kipp Lennon.
  • Michael recorded the song but due to contractual issues with his record label wasn't allowed to perform the song. 
  • An original was recorded by Michael for the purpose of Kipp Lennon to mirror how the song should have sounded.

Now I don't know about you but it doesn't take 20 years to realise that this is NOT Michael's voice. Any true MJ fan will know this is NOT Michael Jackson.

Listen below and see for yourself.

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