9 Jul 2011

Things I LOVE That You May Hate!

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  • Repeat episodes of Friends - it never gets old and I still laugh...yes I do!
  • Maxi dresses - sorry to the heffers who can't pull these dresses off, but I'm tall and slim and I can!
  • Reality TV - it has no bearing on my intellect. It's just a genre of TV that I enjoy. I am perfectly capable of digesting information and holding conversations. I can also spell very well and know the difference between, there, their and they're. Guess what?? I watch documentaries too! **GASP** Who would think an avid reality TV watcher could do all of those things?
  • Rice Milk - it's bloody delicious, but maybe an acquired taste to some.
  • Anything BlackBerry - some of you iPhone fans really need to get over this technology 'war'.

  • Twitter - It has been beneficial to my life in many ways through sheer entertainment, meeting and making new friends, a news source, keeping me informed on health issues to movies, raising awareness though charities that need help...and so much more.
  • Raw oysters - these should never be cooked. Never! Lemon juice and Tabasco on fresh oysters are the TRUTH. To think the thought of even wanting to try them for 30 years made me sick. I'm pi**ed I left it so long. The most I've eaten in one sitting are two dozen. I will top this personal record. I WILL.
  • American Dad - being such an avid Family Guy fan I couldn't believe Seth McFarlane created such a show. Then after giving it a chance, and after seeing every Family Guy episode 101 times it's not that bad.
  • Transformers - It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it brings me and unbelievable amount of joy to my life!
  • Taking the time to find special offers and the item that I want at the cheapest price. - Some people can't be bothered. I am NOT one of those people.
  • Men - there are too many women that have been burned. Tired of hearing about it to be honest. Find a good one and stop your noise. Me putting men in this category doesn't mean I love all men as a whole, just a very small select few in my life.
  • Carpet - over hardwood floors anytime.
  • Using Google - some of you need to use it instead of asking me nonsense that you fail to look up for yourself quite easily. Think about it, if you can ask me a question on Twitter from your MOBILE device chances are you have a damn data plan. USE IT and leave me alone.
  • Learning - the popularity of social media is revealing a LOT of idiots over the age of thirty who do not possess a learning disability. The amount of crap I've seen posted on Facebook and Twitter is unbelievable. If you use these methods of social networking, you know I really don't need to explain any further what I mean.
  • Twilight - How could I forget add Twilight. I don't care who hates it. I love it as a grown Black woman, I love it dammit! I didn't read the books, but I've watched every film so far and am looking forward to the next movie.
Tomorrow: Things I HATE That You May Love!

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  1. Can't stand Friends, Love Reality Tv anything almost. So annoyed they don't just set up a channel for it already where I can watch ALL my shows. It'll be like a hybrid of Bravo Tv &Vh1 & BET and...too many to share.

    LOVE Transformers, Micheal "Boom Boom" Bay I heart thee for making this come true.

    I want to try Oysters and the way you just described them makes me want to. Add lemon & chilli to anything meat, seafood or chicken I will love.


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