9 Jul 2011

Heavily Pregnant Mel B Puts Husband To Good Use

"My humps my bumps will not allow me to fasten my own shoes,so this is how I do them!!"
Northern lass, ex Spice Girl, wife to a con man and new Australia X-Factor judge Melanie Brown aka Mel B aka Scary Spice is soon to give birth to her third child. Last night she tweeted to her 'fans' a picture of her movie producer husband Stephen Belafonte (NOT his real last name) saying "My humps my bumps will not allow me to fasten my own shoes,so this is how I do them!!!" Stephen was helping his cash cow wife tie her Christian Louboutin shoes or 'Red Bottoms' if you're ghetto with ZERO class!

I'm no fan of Mel B, but for someone very much into her third trimester she is looking great, and obviously determined to remain a yummy mummy by any means necessary. Good on her!

Melanie has a daughter, Phoenix Chi with dancer ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar, and a daughter Angel with 'haven't had a box office hit in a while' actor Eddie Murphy. I don't know if Stephen has any children from a previous relationship or marriage as I can't be remotely bothered to find out. 

Melanie & Pheonix Chi. Stephen & Angel

Stephen doing Eddie Murphy's job with Angel
Melanie and Stephen have no idea on the sex of their baby and are waiting until it's arrival. No doubt she'll tweet during the labour and the delivery. She likes her Twitter, that one!

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  1. She DOES look great in that pic and I think the pic of Stephen and Angel drinking from pink tea cups is kinda cute. Cute in a thats-not-his-child-but-hes-obv-playing-the-Daddy-role kinda way.


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