21 Jul 2011

Things I Say/Have Said!

The title of this blog today is pretty self explanatory. Yes...all things, viewpoints, opinions, quotes etc, created by yours truly over the past few years that I've posted on my Facebook wall and Tumblr account, that I chose to share with you. 

If you've seen anything similar elsewhere, it's a MAJOR coincidence. Anything I know to be a quote is quoted with the persons name, or I quote it as 'unknown' if I don't know. Unlike others, it's not a big deal for me to take credit for a quote I bloody well know isn't mine. It just isn't.

The below is written and worded by me, myself and I.

"For those going through bad times, tough times, bulls*** times, dealing with off/negative/bad people & situations...keep your head up, remain faithful, cry if you have to, vent if you have to, pray if you have to. After all is done and you find the strength...smile and be thankful. If you're still here you're stronger for it. Another lesson learned and better times ahead. God has got you always."

"STOP IT with the Blackberry Broadcast messages! Whether I forward a message or not, GOD still works in my life. The next person that sends it to me at an UNGODLY hour (which is ANY hour) will get cussed out! Think I'm in the mood for this friggin foolishness? Some of you are worse than spam from a Hotmail account!"

"You're married, living together, living apart, but why is it when he looks after the kids he says he's babysitting. No you mean P-A-R-E-N-T-I-N-G!"
The parenting and the schooling FAILED!
"If I write something, and you want to use a snippet of it. Don't just take it...grant me the courtesy and give CREDIT where it's due!!!"

"Men & women, treat your partners well. If it ends, end it well. You only have yourself to blame if you get caught dipping and people expose you! My first name is NOT Elin and my last name sure as hell ain't Woods."

"If Sonia from Eastenders can get pregnant there is hope for all women, WORLDWIDE!"

"Oh Lord, can the word 'hater' just die? If you don't like me you don't like me. I don't call my friends fans, I'm not about to call the opposite to them haters!"

"Problem, I'd like you to meet GOD. GOD I'd like you to meet my problem......... I'll leave you two alone together to work things out between yourselves, as I'm not needed here."

"Why do people love to LIE and say they like people who 'keep it real' and 'tell the truth to their faces'? Tell those SAME people the 'truth' to their 'faces' and watch how quickly they'll dislike your arse."

"When you think you're right and have been proven wrong, rather than always see it as defeat, see the righted wrong as a new lesson learned"

"Some people need to just go STRAIGHT to hell. Should not pass GO, nor collect £200!"

"Some folks are friends with some really dumb people on Facebook. Shoot, I may be one of them to some of you...but at least I can spell."
"So if you're a mother who goes to the club/raving you're "low down & dirty"???? Fall the f*** back with that bulls***. The outstanding mothers I know are educated, career women, have their own businesses, who don't bow down to such ridiculous, narrow minded mindsets. To the mothers, I SALUTE you! Whether you wanna go to the spa, gym, coffee shop or club, do you when you get those few hours to yourself and enjoy it!"

"Oh hell to the NO! "der, dey, da" is NOT acceptable for "there, they, the" when you have no damn problem spelling 'Thanksgiving' in the same FB post. I'd rather pretend to be clever, than pretend to be dumb."

"I'll never understand the mentality of a woman who gets caught up in the trappings of what a man can offer her financially. If that's all he has to offer then he's not a real man in my eyes. Providing for a woman isn't just about $£€¥, it's also about heart, loyalty, trust, honesty, caring & respect."

"Some folks really need to STOP watching me and get on with their own lives. But if they want a show give me a moment to get dolled up and put on my tap dancing shoes. I'll tippity-tap-tap-tap all up & through this mutha like Beyoncé on crack!"

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion...I'm also entitled not to give a flying f*** about it!"

"I see folks aren't even happy with their given/married names on Facebook anymore. So one minute you're 'Jane Smith' the next you're 'I Can Pop Bottles With My Booty And Then Some-Pretty Like Halle Jones' GTFOHWTBS!"

"I hereby declare the next few days as TOTALLY selfish. It's all about me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me...ME DAMMIT!"

"Jesus take the wheel, the license, the insurance, the MOT, the tax disc and the keys. I'll even throw in the fluffy dice."

"If you constantly put the media down for not being factual, yet side with conspiracy theories who don't provide hard facts themselves to back up their 'talk', doesn't that make you a prick with no damn common sense?
"According to..."
"a man who wishes to remain anonymous said..."
"it is believed to be reported..."
....and the like, are NOT facts."

"Shout Out To...the people trying to make something of themselves, who pay attention to & acknowledge their supporters & not their ‘haters’…RESPECT!"

"Kelly Rowland doesn't interest me at all. Sing away heffer I'm changing the station. Not even a decent replacement during a Beyoncé hiatus!"

"Very disheartening when you find out certain people who claim to be for you are actually against you. Misery loves company syndrome is definitely in FULL effect."

"If you suffer from insomnia, stick on ANY film starring Hugh Grant. Boring British drip of a man, you'll be asleep from his dull drone in no time."

"Please don't try and sell me on Steve Harvey or any of his crappy literature. Thank You."

"No Katy Perry, I have never felt like a plastic bag."

"To my beautiful Black sisters please stop using Halle Berry as some kind of beauty measuring stick. Please also let go of the notion that if Halle can't keep a man then there's no hope for you. I've heard that out of the mouths of some women who ACTUALLY believe that. I'm sure Ms Berry is a lovely woman & is very gorgeous woman to boot, but in my world she ain't shit & she sure as hell ain't thinking about me or you!"

"The company I keep online is just as important as the company I keep offline. No different in my opinion!"

"‎ "People love passing judgement, it's a distraction from the self work they need." (- R&B singer Monica)." She is NOT lying at all. Funny how the ones who spend/spent SO much time tearing apart my character are the ones I have MOST issue with. Talking so damn much there is no time to even tell you about your damn self!"

"I'm noticing a new 'trend' if you want to call it that, where some people are writing status messages, posing questions which are leading for answers about particular aspects of your personal life (generally relationships). Have the common sense to know who your real concerned friends are Vs. Facebook 'friends' trying to get all up in your business purely for entertainment value or to satisfy their nosey curiosity."

"I don't do Lent."

"I can't take it anymore 'if u typ lyk diz, den plz rfrain 4rm msg me by n e meenz untilll u cn lurn hw 2 spel prply' I've had enough of this ghetto bulls***."

"Are people REALLY writing 'HBD' now to wish people a Happy Birthday? Lazy beyond words man!"

"Pride Magazine done lost their minds with Nicole Scherzinger on the cover this month. And as for Alesha Dixon who is bi-racial on cover of Asian Woman? Guess we'll see Kim Kardashian on the cover of Ebony in April then..."

"Currently reading: Facebook"

"Hate when you're eating a packet of sweets and you dig your hand all around in the packet and they're all gone."

-From Christina's Aguilera's March 2011 arrest
"So Christina Aguilera was arrested for being 'publicly intoxicated'? She should have been arrested for lying... 5'2 and 100lbs. 100lbs Christina? We saw you on The Grammys sweetheart."

"And in today's news...Christina Aguilera was drunk AND arrested at the same time. Charlie Sheen is STILL certified crazy! Although no one is actually crazy enough to tell him mid interview. John 'I'm not racist' Galliano is actually indeed....a racist. Model Daisy Lowe has come out as a 'mild lesbian', and no one actually gives a f*** what Beyonce wears to seduce Jay-Z."

"Tired of reading story after story of children sexually abused, hurt, killed at the hands of people who are supposed to be looking after them. When the time comes for me daycare is NOT an option."

"Let me get this straight: Your man is on FB, tells you the sweetest things on FB, refuse to respond to his comments & ignore him, OPENLY flirt & arrange dates with other guys on FB, change your relationship status re:him everyday & you wonder why your last man slept with another woman? Your karma is already in the works. Cut him off & let him find a decent woman, cause you sure as hell ain't it! *HERE'S TO K.A.R.M.A*"

"You post your toddler's picture on Facebook, and have a whole heap of your hood friends referring to him as 'lil ni**er' in the comments????"

"What is it about these people in movies, all strung up, tortured, with a gun to their head not telling them what they want to know? As soon as I see a gun I'm reelin' off the whirla information."

"In God's name tell me why people have Facebook pages for their dogs and actually have the damn dog replying to their owners Facebook status?? I have seen it all now!! I really have!!"

"So Facebook added 2 new options for 'Relationship Status', when is there gonna be one for 'Mind your damn business' is what I wanna know?!"

"Upscale hotels where dogs are allowed to stay? I can't!! You have that much money for a 5 star hotel, fling their four legged selves in a doggy hotel or hire a doggy nanny. I'm sure something stupid like that exists."

"What is up with this "I ate a donut, now I gotta spend 3 hours in the gym burning it off" mentality? You don't gain 1lb from something that weighs 200g."

"Ever see someones name pop up in your FB timeline and you have no idea in living heaven, earth or hell just who the hell they are or where you know them from?"
"Tell an American you don't like Sade and watch their reaction. Just don't do it whilst they are operating heavy machinery or anywhere near kitchen utensils....But yes *SHOCK* I don't like her music, can't stand it, it's dry, dull, boring and this woman is clearly overrated for someone who simply talks in a husky voice over 'after dinner, let's sit around the coffee table and discuss global politics' background music."

"Annoying when I open up another tab just for a Google search, and can't remember what the hell I wanna search for!"

"When I was younger all I wanted to do was stay up, now before I even leave my bed in the morning, I'm making the first available appointment to get back in it after work."

"Why do people ask me how I am, I reply back, ask them the same things plus a bit more, then **CRICKETS?** Stop wasting my time! To make it easy from Jan 3rd to Dec 31st 2011, I'm fine, work is fine, the family is fine, everything is great, blessed n all that...yadda yadda yadda. And you are too cause you sent me a message, text, BBM, e-mail etc, so I know you're alive an well."

"If you have children, please teach them some manners NOT to bark at you demanding things like they are running you and YOUR household."

"Rather than be pissed of at Monday for being Monday, going to be grateful I woke up this morning. So if you're reading this, that's 1 blessing out of many you have."

"Just caught the best bit of 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason'....the end credits. I know it's an iconic chick flick, but....just can't do it!"

"Reply to one of my tweets on Twitter:: "I read your comment. Are you in London?" My Twitter name has the word 'London' in it. My Twitter bio has location 'London, UK' in it. I'm the queen of smart mouthed retorts. Why do people make it so easy for me? Why?"

"The sun has got his hat on..............I will not be fooled by that bastard, as I'm still wearing my coat!"

"I am so mad at the way basic English has been dumbed down. Why substitute an S for a Z or 'dat' for 'that'? Just seen a dumbass type 'phollow' for 'follow.' And what's with adding letters to words like 'andd' and removing vowels? I cannot associate myself with dumbasses online anymore."

"England's symbol on coins and on the England football team shirt is a lion (native to Africa). GOP party in the USA mascot is an elephant (native to Africa/India). The Nazi symbol of the swastika has its roots from India. Those who know, know what point I'm making here. And if you don't know....think about it!!"

"I have no sympathy for any passenger who maybe affected by British Airways. Just like I have no sympathy for people who buy houses near Heathrow and complain about the noise. Every blasted minute they seem to want to or do strike and then passengers have the nerve to get mad when they do. Protest with your wallet and choose another damn airline to fly with!"


  1. LOL. Although the person who asked if you were in London shouldn't have gotten that response - just because you're from London, doesn't mean you're in London LOL


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