24 Jul 2011

Hair Talk: Meet My Hair Inspirations

The stunning LeoBodyC5
A 'hair inspiration/idol' may mean one of two things or even both to some people:

  • A person whose hair you just wish to have and constantly swoon over.
  • A person who has a similar hair type to yours and are actively pursing your goal to getting your hair to their length.

I don't wish to have my hair inspiration's' hair 'type' at all, their length is my first goal, which  if I actively keep going the way that I am now with my regimen, then 'Diana' (my hair, named after the diva Ms Ross, paying homage to her long & bushy wigs) could be there in the next 12 months or less.

Please don't be under the impression that "Black girls can't grow their hair long" or that "you gotta be mixed in order to have long hair" it's all bulls***! Bulls*** I tell you.

I have been actively learning about hair care for over 10 years. With all that I've learnt I should be sitting on my hair by now, but I've faltered and made many mistakes along the way. I finally have my inside (vitamin & minerals) and outside (hair care) regimen down to a T that works for me

It takes time, perseverance, effort, knowledge and patience. If you want longer and healthier hair and don't possess any of those traits then don't expect much in the way of progress. I have been asked by friends and strangers alike many questions when it comes to hair and hair care.

Our hair requires a lot of care and attention. Stitching a weave on and leaving it for three months at a time, slapping pore clogging greases on that contain the word 'Gro' or 'Miracle' is no guarantee for long hair and it's certainly not enough. There are a few people who can do the absolute minimum to their hair and it thrives, but a lot of people aren't that fortunate and require a lot more work.

I don't follow any particular routine from Leobodyc5 (Conterria) or longhairdontcare2011 as like I said earlier, I have my own. When I'm not in the mood to take my vitamins or feel myself slipping when it comes to my hair, it's health and my regimen then I simply log onto You Tube and watch a few videos to help motivate me back on track to acquiring one of my goals.

Don't just be in awe of their hair, it is achievable and possible. If you want longer, thicker, healthier hair then join an online hair care forum, get educated and go for it!

LeobodyC5 has just started a blog which you can find here.

LeobodyC5 has disabled embedding for her videos, so click HERE to view her hair in all it's glory!

Long Hair Don't Care 2011

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