21 Aug 2012

NEW VIDEO: Triumphant (Get Em') - Mariah Carey ft Rick Ross & Meek Mill

Oh Mariah I don't know about this one. Loved ya for 22 years now, and always will but this video is pretty [to use a Lamb term] 'bleak'

She looks fantastic for 42, a mother to twins, a wife, soon to be American Idol judge, singer, songwriter and more there is NO denying that at all.

Written by Mariah and inspired by the passing of her late friend and musical icon Whitney Houston, many have said this lead track from Mariah's untitled album coming in 2013 should be Rick Ross and Meek Mill featuring Mariah and not the other way around.

All in all it's nice to see Mrs Carey Cannon back on the scene with some new material, and looking forward to her stint as one of the highest paid judges on American Idol in a few months time. Get Em' Mariah!

As VEVO is restricted on certain sites click the link in the video to take you straight there over on You Tube.


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