5 Aug 2011

Trailer: Super 8

Super 8 is brought to you by Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams (LOST & Cloverfield) Released in the US back in June, it opened today nationwide in the UK.

I've heard good things about the film, seen numerous trailers, but still, I am not really feeling particularly 'excited' about this just yet.

"After witnessing a mysterious train crash, a group of friends in the summer of 1979 begin noticing strange happenings going around in their small town, and begin to investigate into the creepy phenomenon."

Hopefully it's not a 'typical' Abrams body of work, which creates a lot of hype, a lot of sitting though scene after scene only to be let down with a mediocre ending.

I've seen people use the word 'amazing' regarding Super 8, but in this Twitter age it's just another overused word to describe something that's good and passable.

REALLY hoping Super 8 is an enjoyable 115 minutes when I go to see it on Sunday, but if you're still not sure about whether to see it for yourself or not, peep the trailer below.

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