16 Dec 2008

Being Cold Is Good For Something

I'm sitting here in a scarf [Prada of course darlings] in this cold a$$ office. I'm a black woman that's not going to suffer in silence I've made the call to get it all tropical up in here.

But I am now inspired due to the cold to want to be somewhere much hotter right about now…I've had my Christmas rant [see below] for the day and it's time to pick another hot spot for 09.

With this destination I can do a five-in-one. Visit Mexico, where I can cross off an item off my bucket list which is swimming with dolphins [#2] and maybe #22 if I book a night or two at the Four Seasons Try my hand at whitewater rafting [bucket list #13 - shit how unlucky is that number?] Then hop across the border and get a Texas fix in before heading home [groan] to London.

That's my little lunchtime project to figure out the cost of all of this. The longer I can stay out of London in 09 the better. Plus it's always nice to have something to look forward to.


  1. I take it you don't like London??? I'm going to Texas this weekend! What's your reasons for wanting to go???

  2. **shakes head**

    No London is not a love of mine. I wrote a long article on London 3 years ago and may still have it. I've been meaning to post it up on here and just may do if I find it tonight.

    Met some people from Texas a few years ago and every time I go back keep meeting some more Tx folks. I've been about 7 times already. My good friend married a Texan and we were just there this May for their wedding. I just love it although I've come out of the habit going time after time and am now adding other places to the travel list, but seeing as Mexico is next door why the hell not and get my Tx buzz on. I LOVE the people, it's chilled and not pretentious, everywhere I've been in the US has been geared towards tourists, Dallas and Houston aren't so liked and appreciated the 'realness' of a normal US city.

  3. Well you have officially met another Texan. Born and raised in Dallas. Texas is definately different from a lot of other states in the US and alot of people seem to like it. It's just your typical hospitable, down south state. Hope you make your way back soon!

  4. Hey LondonDiva,if you ever make it to the Central Texas area, let me know!
    I've got a margarita and a plate of enchiladas with your name on it. :)

  5. @ Mrs Denga, Dallas is where I was this May/June. I've noticed a Dallas/Houston rivalry each town thinks there's is better than the other. I can honeslty say after twice visiting Dallas compared to Houston 6 times I prefer Dallas. A lot of Brits buy their holiday homes in Florida *shakes head* I'd buy one in Texas, much cheaper and I prefer it. A small condo would do for those periodic visits. I'm hoping to make my way back real soon.

    @ L.A. You see! How sweet. That's why I love Texas everyone there is just soooo lovely and hospitable. Margarita and enchiladas *licks lips* How can a sista say no to that.

  6. The Brits who bought in Florida are also seeing the property value plunge and some are even losing their homes. Texas might not have much of a beach but we never really had a real estate boom so houses are more affordable the only set back in the property taxes and thats what we get for not having a a state tax but Texas is iiight with me i must say.


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