16 Dec 2008

Happy Christmas My Ass!

If I were a Muslim, Hindu or Jewish do you think people would even throw the words 'bah humbug' in jest in my direction? I think they'd respect that, and for fear of saying anything un PC wouldn't even go any further. When I divulge that I do not celebrate Christmas I usually get asked "Are you Muslim?" **shakes head** no I am not. So when I tell people I simply do no believe in Christmas and that I have no interest in celebrating anything remotely Pagan they then feel the need to dig deeper and deeper and think that my personal decision is really Scrooge like.

Listen if you with your non-Christian or Christian self wants to start lying to your child about a fat white man in a red suit then go on right ahead. Trees, elves, fairies and present giving I do not do on December 25th. I also don't give a damn that you think my unborn children may be scarred for life if I decide to not do Christmas. There are plenty of children the world over who have never celebrated Christmas a day in their life and are fine upstanding members of the global community who have no psychological problems.

First things first:
*Santa isn't real.
*The presents came from your parents busting their ass doing a 9 to 5 keeping a roof over your head.
*And I'll teach you about Jesus before I do about Santa and some damn reindeer and midgets in green suits.

This office knows I don't celebrate Christmas. I've been vocal so they know. So why are you leaving a Christmas card on my desk? Do I have to be a member of a non-Christian religion before people get the message? I thought if I was Muslim you wouldn't even have dared to leave that there. My decision isn't a flippant one or one to save money around the holiday season. It's legitimate and valid and I stand by it and people NEED to start respecting that. I don't think people get how serious that is, which is why that card just pissed me off. I wouldn't say Merry Christmas to a Hindu, so maybe I need to adopt a religion next December or just tell folks I am Muslim and see how quickly they'll probe further to find out why I don't celebrate it, and just leave me the hell alone. Christmas with these folks is like a cult and you are somehow deemed evil if you push it to the wayside. Don't call me names in jest or otherwise. Calling me 'Scrooge' or taunting 'Bah Humbug' is going to warrant me given you a fist full of holly slap.

"It's about spending time with the family"


Says who? I spend time with my family all the time from January to December. So that Christmas is all about the family doesn't wash with me. And if you take 1 day out of the year for your family then shame on you. Seriously. No one is THAT busy.

"Goodwill to all men"


You're supposed to show goodwill to all men, [women and children] ALL of the time not just December 25th.

"It's about celebrating the birth of Christ"


A birthday we have no idea of the actual date of. So a lot of you don't believe in God yet are taking part in this Christian belief associated celebration. Do you celebrate EID, Diwali and Hanukah also? May as well get the ball rolling on all the others. And if it's all about Christ then what's up with the tree, tinsel, and dumb decorations? Do you really know about the introduction of trees and St Nicolas [Santa]? Also by me not celebrating it is not going to piss the Lord off. It's not a commandment I don't have to abide by it.

I have yet to come across a real honest person who says.
I don't believe in God, although I enjoy Christmas. No work, lots of food and I get a ton of presents. I'd rather hear that than the family and goodwill to all men crap.


  1. I mean I am thinking about paying the cost and packing just to hop on a plane to come to London just to give you the biggest hi-5 in the world!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! I just decided to stop celebrating Christmas this year and people are giving me hell about it!!! I've been called scrooge and everything, oh and told that I was taking the light out of my children by not doing so...lol. What!!! Trust me, GOD is not happy with the fact that HIS so-called followers are celebrating a holiday that pays homage to other gods. Get with it people!!! While you're on Christmas, you should address the other holidays as well. They are all such a joke!!!

  2. ITA with your comment. I have no children but my cousin in all her 7 years has never asked for a Christmas present from me or even asked why she doesn't get one and I have never divulged my lack of love of Christmas to her. She doesn't hate me any less. See Christmas is when you're forced to be bothered. I make sure I'm bothered every other time than Christmas it shows I care and care genuinely. She'll get money from me, Nintendo DS games, DVDs treated to lunch and the movies with a whole lot of I love yous thrown in JUST BECAUSE. Why can't people be treated and be spent on at other times of the year? Plus don't even get me started on the families that want to take their relatives out of their nursing homes for Christmas dinner and fling them back in there December 26th till the next Christmas rolls around. I hear of grown people talking about only seeing their grandparents at Christmas BECAUSE IT'S CHRISTMAS and don't even go and see them in between that. It sickens me it really does. A whole lot of fakeness going on masked as Goodwill.

    And I also have a similar sentiment to Valentine's Day too. I'm sure you'll see that blog in February...

  3. lololol @ the nursing home comment. That is the truth. People want to feel like they did some good one day out of the year when GOD specifically told us to live lives of generosity and love. That means every day. Oh and I look forward to seeing the valentines post. And I would love to read why you hate London so much...lol

  4. Bah Humbug Nai,

    Its not that bad. I dont celebrate it either but i do have a niece and nephew that get gifts from me yearly and i have exchanged gifts with significant others in the past. I wont swear off and say i will never buy a gift again but i wouldnt lose any sleep over giving or receiving gifts either. A lot of people are conditioned to it and it just shows the lack of love in the Western world where ppl need constant reminders in so called holidays to be thoughtful and/or charitable and thats the demise of the Western civilized world and its too late to change now.

  5. You said the BH word to me! That warrants an ass whoopin, and not in a way you'd like either!


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