17 Dec 2008

Thoughts Of The Day

  • I ate a whole packet of scallops last night and I think these things are repeating on me. The thought of scallops now makes me feel sick and my living room has a scallop aura to it.
  • I don't know nor do I care how many days there are till Christmas.
  • If I've said it once I've said it a hundred times 'I'm addicted to blogging.'
  • I haven't spoken to my friend and the e-mail communication has been extremely, extremely limited since I sent her that e-mail and to be honest I'm not bothered nor do I care.
  • I love my little cousin to bits, aside from her not living with me I forget that she's not my child. If I ever upped and left this country she'd have to come with me, because I'd miss her more than anyone.
  • Me and my mum had an argument last night, she totally ruined my evening, and I'm not phoning her today. I have nothing to say.
  • After seeing how humble BeyoncĂ© was on X Factor on Saturday she's luring me to really like her. This is just a part of her plan to take over the world. My admiration included. Still think I Am…Sasha Fierce is doo doo though.
  • I wonder if Mariah and Nick's baby [when they have one] will be one of the cutest celebrity kids out there?
  • I'm having one of those weeks where I'm not on point and far from divaish.
  • How did I cope before Blackberry's were invented?
  • I've done practically no work for the past two days and don't feel bad for it.
  • I found the long article I wrote last three years ago entitled 'Oh what it is to be young, black & British' and will be putting up a link to it later on today.
  • That white man that sits behind me spends pretty much all day on the internet. Every time I walk past his desk he's on it. Yet walks out of the office carrying a briefcase and wearing a long coat like he's actually done something today.
  • 24 - Redemption was not that good. But the first 15 minutes of Season 7 bloody are.
  • I wonder what box set I'll order this week. Last week was Chuck, the week before that the second season of The Wire and 24 - Redemption. I'm tied between a ton of them although Family Guy is a firm favourite of mine.
  • I like High School Musical and am not ashamed to admit it. I have the song Now or Never on my ipod and imagine myself doing a dance routine to it in my head when I listen to it. Yes I'm 30 in seven months, and from that admission you'd never know.
  • After watching Louis Theroux last night on cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles I can honestly say I love myself and would never have any of that shit done. Everyone looked worse off from the surgery.
  • The big boss on this floor has a certain swagger to him. I can't lie I am attracted, but it stops there.
  • Why does this poison dwarf always ask where my manager is? She's the biggest nag I've ever come across. How does her husband put up with that woman? I'm convinced he hasn't been faithful all these years. I'm just sure of it. The first time I saw her I said to myself 'she's the kind of woman that would make her husband want to cheat.' May sound harsh, but hey these are MY thoughts of the day.
  • I went on a dating website last night. The thing is I don't even want to date anyone [not in the UK anyway], but I will be tackling the interracial issue in a blog soon, so had a look at the types of white men longing for some 'chocolate loving.' Sweet lord I had to log off with the quickness, some of these white men were fine as hell the kind you wouldn't even think would give the sisters a second glance. Tonight I'll take a look at the black men looking for white women…bet I won't be on there for long again…for different reasons of course…LOL.
  • Why is this man looking at me from across the desk as I write this. And they say to be afraid of black men? White men are just another kind of crazy AND creepy.

    1. Pure Comedy from the outside looking into Naomi's world.

    2. Yeah I do have weired and sometime humourous thoughts don't I?

      This blog keeps me out of therapy [not that I need it]

    3. Yeah some of us black folks cant afford to pay to sit on the couch so we work it out someway lol.

    4. Since you mentioned Family Guy in your post, you might be interested in this TV Anagram Game: Peter + Lois + Chris + Meg + Stewie = The [Fig Fern] Family. Play today's TV game.


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